From players to website operators: Bitcoin gambling benefits


Online gambling will never be the same again. Essentially, nothing has changed for us that radically: the games are still there, with dozens and dozens of new video slots becoming available every day, and table & card classics getting advanced HD-graphics to keep entertaining you for many years. But there is at least one thing about the virtual gaming industry making you feel something is different: online gambling is gradually becoming Bitcoin gambling. Frankly speaking, if we take a look at certain casino websites we may see they’re offering no other payment option but BTC. And it’s hardly surprising today.
Operators appeal to the cryptocurrency, because it’s really advantageous for not just themselves, but also their affiliates and, last but not least, players. And if you belong to any of these categories, you are very likely to find Bitcoin incredibly beneficial.

If you’re an operator considering the option of ‘upgrading’ your gaming website to a Bitcoin casino, we’re probably already aware of all the benefits and advantages BTC gets you. And if you’re not, having read the lines below you may end up questioning yourself why you didn’t switch to Bitcoin before. First of all, with the cryptocurrency your business will become completely chargeback-free � the BTC transaction are non-reversible, and therefore final, which can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars monthly. And no, there are no fees charged for payment transactions you and your customers make, just so unlike what you’ve got used to with ‘regular’ payment transfer processing companies. That’s a good way to cut down on costs and expenses now becoming unnecessary. Seems convincing enough? We bet it does. But there’s more. Now imagine how many new players from states and jurisdictions where real-money online gambling is prohibited you will get after introducing Bitcoin payments on your website. Hundreds and thousands, all eager to try every single game available in your selection. The opportunities are huge.

Your affiliates will also be delighted by the set of advantages your Bitcoin gambling business will provide them with. To begin with, thanks to Bitcoin affiliates are exempt from paying banking fees and having to follow the exchange rates of fiat currencies they were getting commissions in previously. Apart from that, the block chain technology enables them to receive payments instantly, and, not least importantly, it makes all Bitcoin payment transactions completely transparent for both the payer and the receiver (with no-third party access/mediation). Definitely something to think about, isn’t it?

That’s all well and good, but what if you’re a player? Well, then there is probably even more options for you. Essentially, you will get a mix of benefits enjoyed by numerous Bitcoin casino operators. You won’t be charged any fees for banking services, which can save you lots and lots of money every month. And yes, there’s no other option for you but having all your transactions performed in second, i.e. payments are as ins062115_2253_HowtoPlayPo1.jpgtant and transparent as they can possibly be. Additionally, your gameplay becomes provably fair, which means you’re free to check the fairness of every possible outcome of the games you choose to play, all thanks to the almighty cryptographic algorithms. And now comes one of the greatest features of Bitcoin gambling � it enables you to legally access your favorite games and online sportsbooks from wherever you stay at, despite the possible online gambling restrictions in your country or jurisdictions.

Could you have all that before, when Bitcoin casinos, poker rooms and sports betting websites weren’t launched yet? Probably not, so now is the time to enjoy the truly unlimited online gaming.