From CopBlock: Bitcoin helps to defund the police state


By Amanda B. Johnson. Article courtesy of CopBlock 08/10/2014

What are the teeth of a police state? What are its claws? How can an organization continually act in direct opposition to the wishes of a population that it claims to “serve”?

In the good ol’ days (which make no mistake were never actually that good), police budgets could only “legally” be taken from the residents of the areas in which the police operated. Police department Aonlyextorted Town A residents, police department Bonlyextorted City B residents, and so on.

In this way, the capacity of police to inflict harm on a population was limited by that population’s collective bank accounts. There was only so much money to take.

Then came the1980s the decade that police began receiving money, weapons and training from an entirely new source: the federal government. Uncle Sam offered to be their new piggy bank.

Things began to change. Assaults that most individuals would not voluntarily fund were now suddenly affordable for the police anyway. They becamemore militarized. Checkpoints, raids, sting operations, and all their associated harms became commonplace.

How has this been possible?

The federal grants that police have been raking in over the past three decades have their roots in theFederal Reservemachine. This printing press, which calls itself a “bank,” is the sole producer and distributor of U.S. dollars (orFederal Reserve Notes).

Behind closed doors, monopoly producers of fiat money tend toadd zeros to the account balances of themselves and their friends. Since The Fed was created in 1913, so many zeros have been added that the U.S. dollar haslost 98% of its value. This means that your dollars purchase less and less every day. It’s why a gallon of gas costs you a four bucks now, but a few generations ago only cost a dime.

What is to be done?

Petitions and protests hold very little weight next togiant federal checksthat just keep coming. After decades of attempting to fix the problem of police aggression through political means, many now see an alternative solution one which strikes the root.

Bitcoin is a digital currencythat is not controlled by any single party. No government or central bank gets a cut from your transactions.

Bitcoin is simple computer code that anyone can use on their smartphone or browser. The code creates a ledger which tracks money ownership, much like bank balances. But because the code is open source and the ledger is public for all to see, shady actors are prevented from fraudulently adding zeroes to their own accounts.

Bitcoin is the cure for the Federal Reserve-funded police state.

Cryptocurrencies(of which Bitcoin is just one kind) are available to all, free to access and ridiculously easy to use. A wallet can be set up within ten seconds.

Tyrannical men and women prefer to operate in the dark, which is whyfilming their actionscan help to maximize accountability. But as long as police outfits receive influxes of Federal Reserve Notes, the institutionalized violence will continue.

Bitcoin is the tool that can undercut the police state and delivera death-blow to the monopoly moneythat enabled it in the first place.

Interested in getting started with Bitcoin? Awesome!This articleexplains how.


Amanda B. JohnsonAmanda B. Johnson is an advocate of love, peace and cryptography. More of her work can be found in the archive: Send her some Bitcoin love: 3QwxHta3JDAX2gsMCm8sdcrmojFhv8B1S