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Digital Currency DNotes has founded numerous platforms to confront the challenges facing the industry as it seeks mass acceptance. The latest initiative is DCEBrief: providing executive briefs on Digital Currency issues that matter for busy executives, decision makers and everyday people worldwide.

DNotes, launched on February 18th, 2014, is one of the market’s most stable cryptocurrencies. Founded at a critical time when the Digital Currency industry faced many challenges; DNotes decided to take a different path, embarking on a long term strategic plan to build a trusted brand supported by its own ecosystem.

DNotes’ latest project is DCEBrief; to provide objective, unbiased news on the latest developments in the world of Bitcoin and Digital Currency, in “Executive Summary” format, with no fluff or filler. DCEBrief’s mission is to ensure decision makers, busy executives and everyday people worldwide can access the information they need, to help them understand the often misunderstood Digital Currency industry.

To aid women´s participation, DNotes first launched cryptocurrency neutral CryptoMoms in 2014, followed by the world’s first long term digital currency savings plans (CRISP – Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans) for children, students, employees, and retirement. DNotes also provides convenient and secure storage of DNotes with 100% verifiable funds guaranteed on the blockchain with DNotesVault.

DNotes has relentlessly pursued a path of mutual respect, cooperation, and solutions believed to be in the best interest of the industry and ultimately humanity. Co-Founder Alan Yong, a respected technology visionary since the emergence of personal computer and wireless communication in the 1980’s, stated that Digital Currency like DNotes has the built-in capabilities to be far superior to money or fiat currency.

Yong believes that the full potential of Digital Currency can only be realized if one of today’s digital currencies becomes widely accepted worldwide reaching a scale of mass acceptance in global commerce. When the vast majority of global commerce transactions take place between only the payer and the recipient, similar to the way cash is used today, that will be the day of mass acceptance of Digital Currency.

However, historically, large scale changes and mass acceptance of new technologies, despite their immense potential to improve efficiencies and productivity, have taken years, decades, or even many generations to become fully implemented. When widely adopted, these technologies led to massive job creation, improve standard of living, and enormous wealth accumulation.

As Alan Yong states about DCEBrief’s mission:

“When one begins to understand why Digital Currency and Blockchain technology will be the greatest technological revolution since the Internet, that fear will be replaced by a desire to learn more and put it to good use.”

Bitcoin and other digital currencies like DNotes are much more than currencies that meet the full functions of money as a unit of account, as a store of value, and as a medium of exchange; the inherent characteristics of fiat currency. They are also a global payment network enabling one Internet user to pay another Internet user anywhere worldwide, instantly at nearly zero cost, without the oversight of any central authority or middlemen.

Convinced that Digital Currency is the greatest technology revolution since the Internet, DCEBrief is committed to change the confusion in the Digital Currency industry, by bringing issues that matter to readers’ attention.

Utilizing an “Executive Summary” without fluff and filler. DCEBrief was launched with the mission to keep the public informed with timely, objective, accurate, and unbiased information that encourages both the cooperation of the media and the full support of political leaders and regulators worldwide, to help promote and not stifle innovation for the better good of mankind.

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