Athena Crowdfunding 450,000 GBP For Reality TV Show on Greek Island of Agistri � With Models, Digital Currency and Style


With full support from the Agistri Mayor and Local Mayor, E-MODEL World, Ikon Media, Fashion TV, Fashion One, Jetcoin, Coinstructors, Drachmae, NXT, and more, ATHENA strives to be Greece’s first reality TV model contest. Backer rewards include backstage passes, access to the models, and high-level sponsorship packages for companies including PR campaigns and ads.

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Supported by local businesses, the Mayor’s office and Tourism board, Athena aims to put Agistri back on the tourism map whilst giving the chance for Greece’s top talent to fulfil their dreams of becoming Greece’s next Top Model. Media partners airing the Athena show include world renowned Fashion TV, and Fashion One. Athena is crowdfunding now for 450 000 GPB on Indiegogo.

All contributors will be supporting the first ever TV Show for Greek Models and for the small Island of Agistri, which is hosting the show, the opportunity to promote its natural beauty and stimulate growth in its ever declining tourism industry that supports it’s 1000 inhabitants.

Athena backer rewards include the chance to be a Director on-set and in the credits, backstage passes (free hotel accommodation included), time with the models, T shirts, and extensive company sponsorship packages that include PR campaigns and high-profile advertising for company sponsors. Opportunities to be listed as a Producer in the Athena credits are also available. Athena digital postcards are available to backers who contribute as little as $1 USD.

Anyone can also help spread the word about Athena by sharing the Athena Indiegogo campaign page with others on social media like twitter.

All parties involved have a very high success rate in their own sectors:

E-MODEL WORLD’s vision is to inspire individualism and identity through creating elegance and beauty, and exuding the ‘look’. Create the most audaciously authoritative fashion entertainment business in the world, for representing models in every media outlet, with crossover exploitation in filmed fashion content creation

Ikon Media Pte Ltd is an independent production company that produces high quality TV program’s and TV Ads for broadcast by networks internationally. Ikon Media has produced TV Shows for Elite Model, Fashion TV, Fashion One and a long list of International designers and leading brands. Ikon Media Website

Media partners who will be airing Athena Clips include Fashion TV and Fashion One.

Jetcoin is a new digital fuel issued by the Jetcoin Institute. It gives fans and supporters in the world of sports and entertainment a unique opportunity to benefit directly from the success of their favorite athletes and stars, both financially and also through unique lifestyle experiences such as seat upgrades, access to VIP boxes, exclusive events, behind-the-scenes and/or after-parties etc.

Coinstructors, is a consultancy and project management team leading the Drachmae and Athena Project on Agistri. Counstructors has had previous media coverage on outlets such as Reuters. Coinstructors Website

Bitcoin PR Buzz has been proudly serving the Bitcoin press release and Bitcoin marketing needs of Digital Currency tech start-ups for 3 years.

44Phones will be providing the phone voting platform and Drachmae Money services that will enable the cast and crew to pay for all their food and drink whilst on Agistri.

Hotel Yianni, Agistri Island, Greece

Taboo Club, Agistri Island, Greece

Support from the Agistri Mayor and Vice Mayor

Contact details below:
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +302297091260
Fax: +302297091000

Drachmae: The project was founded to explore and discover possible use cases of blockchain technology and the testing of the Technology runs alongside the Athena Show as all the Contestants and Crew will be using digital money to pay for their food and drink on the island. Drachmae has been previously mentioned in Forbes, International Business Times, The Daily Mail, and more.

NXT 2.0 Blockchain Technology: Drachmae Loyalty program is built over NXT and will be using the Voting functions of the Blockchain to ensure that public voting for the finals cannot be manipulated and are fully transparent for the world to check at their leisure.

SuperNET, a mega network of cryptocurrencies that offers innovation in the digital currency sector is providing the digital currency infrastructure for the contest.

NautilusCoin, Founded by Brian Kelly. Prize money to the Contestants from NautilusCoin is 10,000 Euros (To be paid in NautilusCoin).

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Name: Celia Wong
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