Smokeys Daylily Gardens Accepts Chicagos Digital Currency DNotes And Bitcoin For Daylily Purchases


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Bitcoin Press Release: Chicago based digital currency DNotes can now be used to buy flowers at Smokeys Gardens, one of the largest daylily growers in the world.

Coldwater, Michigan. Smokeys Daylily Gardens, established in 2007 and one of the largest daylily growers in the world, becomes the first merchant to accept DNotes as a form of payment for daylily purchases. This is a pilot project to demonstrate the significant benefits to merchants in accepting DNotes, a proven stable digital currency built from the ground up with trust and integrity.

Hailing from Chicago, Bitcoin alternative DNotes was created on February 18, 2014, with an objective to meet the full functions of fiat currency as a unit of account, store of value and medium of exchange within three years. DNotes has taken a very different path since day one in building a trustworthy stable digital currency with reliable long term appreciation. Using blockchain technology, embedded features to prevent inflation and exemplary means of storage; DNotes may very well exceed fiat money in global online payments in the future.

The same team that created DNotes built Smokeys Daylily Gardens in a highly fragmented industry with a blurred line between a business and a hobby. A solid business plan with a firm commitment to be the best in class, coupled with hard work and flawless execution quickly led the seven year old company to be one of the largest daylily growers in the world.

Daylily is the second largest selling perennial plant with 79,360 registered cultivars according to AHS (American Hemerocallis Society) Smokeys Gardens offers the best selections of high end daylilies. Using a single 38 acre farm, highly trained and motivated employees, the best farm equipment and the most efficient processes, Smokeys gardens plants, harvests, and ships more daylily plants in one week than most of its competitors in an entire season.

Co-owner Rocky DeLucenay pointed out that,

“Efficiency and highly motivated employees are the key elements for small business owners to remain successful these days. We are always interested to save money where we can.”

She went on to explain that 100% of the business is processed online using paypal, credit and debit cards with some personal checks. The merchant fees along with charge backs often average around 8% of revenue. The cost of transactions using DNotes is near zero, while protecting the company from fraud and chargebacks. Unlike Bitcoin which has been highly volatile, DNotes is a stable digital currency with a proven record of reliable appreciation.

DNotes also hosts long term savings plans (CRISP) for children, employees, retirees and students. Haley Mullet, a medical student and a third year employee of Smokey Daylily Gardens and new CRISP for students savings account holder states:

“Working in the farm is hard work but it has been rewarding and inspiring to work with a group of professionals who truly want to be the best in class including a genuine concern and contribution to our financial future”.

To help students like Haley to keep up with costly student loans DNotes are hosting free giveaways for CRISP for Students account holders. CRISP accounts are free, the giveaway will continue with a limited supply of free DNotes.

Chicago business leader and co-founder of DNotes Alan Yong is a strong advocate of small business owners, and is concerned about underfunded retirees and the constant struggles of small business owners. The need to constantly use high interest credit cards to supplement cash flow coupled with high transaction cost, reversed charges and credit card fraud has continued to put a damper on employers’ ability to support pay raises and facilitate job growth. There has never been a more urgent time for the employer and the employee to foster a new mindset of partnership to confront these new realities for mutual benefits and survival.

DNotes is committed to encourage and promote this new partnership by offering CRISP For Employee Incentive Benefits along with CRISP for Retirement, both with the potential for high returns. Accepting DNotes as payment is a significant competitive edge leading to revenue gain and meaningful savings that can be used as employee incentive benefits and owners retirement savings. As the first real world business to accept DNotes as a payment method Smokeys Daylily Gardens is ahead of the curve; well positioned to reap the rewards of instant transactions and low transaction fees.

Anyone wishing to learn more about Chicago’s very own global digital currency DNotes can contact Alan Yong at [email protected]. He will be attending the Chicago Bitcoin Meetup on Tuesday May 12, 2015 if you wish to meet him in person.

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Phone: (260) 687-9567

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