Bitcoin In Minutes: Over 400 000 Locations Worldwide For Instant Buying And Selling Cryptocurrencies Added By And MoneyPolo�



Bitcoin Press Release: International cryptocurrency and Bitcoin exchange platform 247exchange, managed by InterMoney Exchange™, and its partner MoneyPolo™ payment system proudly announce the brand new method of buying and selling Bitcoin instantly via money transfers.

Bitcoin exchange service and its partner MoneyPolo™, large money transfer network, represent an innovative instant method of purchasing and withdrawing bitcoins – using express money transfer. The feature is available at more than 400,000 locations (including banks, post offices, shops, stores, money exchangers and so on) in about 130 countries. Having a bank account or credit/debit card is not necessary.

All that is required is cash, ID and a visit to one of almost half a million branches around the world to send an immediate transfer. Transforming cash into bitcoin and vice versa has never been so easy and fast.

“Our global aim is to make Bitcoin closer to average people, and cooperation with MoneyPolo™ makes a huge step on this way. It also seems like a perfect solution for buying/selling bitcoins for unbanked users and especially for people from developing countries having less local direct banking options. Speaking in general, our team is working hard to make the whole process as easy, as topping up the mobile phone balance. This is a challenge, but we believe we can make it!”, Anton Vereshchagin, the founder, declares.



247exchange is run by InterMoney Exchange™, a group of financial companies. The service offers various ways of buying, selling and exchanging cryptocurrencies paying special attention to instant methods.

“At the end of 2014 we integrated credit and debit cards support as an immediate method of buying bitcoins. However, until now we haven’t had instant withdrawal methods (and there are not so many exchange services in the world who offers it). Judging by the feedback from our customers, they really missed such option. As a client oriented company we simply can’t ignore that. Then we contacted MoneyPolo and made this promising partnership. I believe it’s a real breakthrough in the whole cryptocurrency exchange business discovering the new opportunities for the users all over the globe”, Alexey Maximenko, CEO, says.

About MoneyPolo™

MoneyPolo™ is a registered trademark for Mayzus Financial Services Ltd. Since the company started its operations in 2009 it has been providing payment solutions, prepaid cards, foreign exchange operations for customer accounts as well as cash money transfers. MoneyPolo has customer branches in the UK, the Czech Republic, Mongolia and Philippines, while its partner offices spread throughout Europe, Asia, Latin America, North America. Africa and CIS countries. Since 2012 MoneyPolo service portfolio includes accounts and payments for cryptocurrency industry. The company proved to be a reliable and responsible partner for its some 150 000 customers. MoneyPolo is constantly increasing the availability of its services and expanding its wide network of more than 400,000 own and partner branches.

How it works

To purchase Bitcon and other cryptocurrencies (Litecoin, Namecoin, Peercoin) via an urgent money transfer, the user submits a buy order at website. The list of available agents to send cash from will be indicated (for certain money transfer systems it is also possible to send money online). Bitcoins will be sent to the specified address just a few minutes after the transfer has been made.

To withdraw Bitcon and altcoins using an urgent money transfer, the person places a sell order at website choosing the nearest agent to receive fiat money from. The funds will be available for picking up in just few minutes. The customer can also transfer money to his relatives and close ones this way. In both cases the user can choose the currency. 24/7 support is always ready to help the customers. Detailed instructions are also provided for client’s maximum convenience.

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