SilentVault�s Anonymous Bitcoin Multi-Asset Wallet & Exchange Platform Welcomes New Operations Lead Seamus O�Pearse

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Bitcoin Press Release: Anonymous peer-to-peer instant Bitcoin wallet and exchange platform SilentVault has a new Operations Lead Seamus O�Pearse.

SilentVault�s anonymous peer-to-peer, multi-asset Bitcoin wallet and exchange platform uses sophisticated technology to enable anonymous communication and secure off-blockchain transactions for Bitcoin and Litecoin. The company is now announcing a change in personnel with the the transition of SilentVault founder Sean Daley who is leaving his position as Operations Lead to take the role of the company�s general counsel (non-practising). Law and business expert Seamus O�Pearse will take over the Operations role as of 1 January 2015 maintaining the uncompromising professionalism and commitment to privacy associated with SilentVault.

New Operations Lead Seamus O�Pearse is an attorney experienced in alternative online payment systems with 15 years of experience in digital currency businesses. Seamus was one of the earliest legal adopters of digital gold currency and has now embraced Bitcoin and its fast-evolving, censorship-resistant descendants. One of Seamus�s favourite quotes is from a poem of rebellion by freedom-fighter Patrick Henry Pearse (P�draic Mac Piarais):

�Did ye think to conquer the people, or that Law is stronger than life and than men�s desire to be free?�

Seamus is currently dedicated to and immensely enjoying a sabbatical term �unlawyering in the new badlands� with the support and protection of some very technically adept friends. Seamus is now ready to invest decades of past experiences and professional expertise as �Operations Lead� at SilentVault where he has now relieved the Founder, Sean Daley, effective January 2015.

About SilentVault:

SilentVault is an open source peer-to-peer anonymous Bitcoin wallet with built-in exchange and embedded escrow; the wallets are multi-asset and can hold any supported asset types side-by-side. SilentVault allows cryptocurrency adopters to spend and receive Bitcoin and Litecoin entirely off the blockchain enabling users to freely transfer assets to and from regular Bitcoin and Litecoin addresses rapidly and anonymously.

Unlike ordinary exchanges which require the user to hold their entire balances within the exchange and use a browser to log in and trade, SilentVault uses a built-in trading floor within the anonymous wallet. Users can exchange assets with other users anonymously and choose to fund escrow for the trades they enter or accept. Assets traded with SilentVault are stored in the wallets at all times if the user doesn�t choose to trade using escrow.

SilentVault provides a completely private client network and considers all aspects of conducting business including communication. SilentVault wallets communicate using XMPP (Jabber chat), within private servers with no public-facing IPs. End-to-end peer-to-peer encryption ensures that not even SilentVault can monitor private chats or access other wallet related information bringing complete anonymity and privacy to users.

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