Plutus Miners: ASIC Scrypt Mining for Everyone


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In January of 2009 the first Bitcoin block was mined by Satoshi Nakamoto, kicking off the mining race that is still going on. People started off mining with their regular computers, then upgraded to mining with the more powerful graphics cards used for serious gaming, and then finally moved to mining with arrays of more-and-more powerful ASIC mining rigs. The opportunity to just pick up and mine for bitcoins has long passed most of us by.

That isn’t to say that there still aren’t mining opportunities for you and me in them hills. Bitcoin might be a tough business, but Litecoin is till doable: It’s scrypt based protocol was ASIC resistant, meaning that the rigs coming online now are still affordable for the regular guy to run. And though Litecoin doesn’t receive the press of Bitcoin, it has advantages, including a quicker confirmation time. As cryptocurrencies grow in adoption, Litecoin is likely to grow and find its place in the new economy as the ‘silver’ to Bitcoin’s ‘gold.’

Plutus Miners have announced that they will soon be offering an variety of Scrypt ASIC miners perfect for mining Litecoin. Their fastest rig clocks in at 800Mh/s and a steal at $1,999. They are officially launching on October 27, but if you order now, they will have the rig to you within 14 days.

Some of the specs of the miners include:

  • Next Generation Chips (1.8-2Mh/s per chip).
  • The custom IC (integrated circuit) package with low voltage and high current.
  • Easily connected in a daisy chain to increase power and performance.
  • Superior cooling.
  • 400 chips.
  • Excellent power efficiency reducing power costs and increasing profits.
  • Quiet!
  • Easy to set up and use.

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