Kinsta WordPress Hosting and Bitcoin


By Mark Norton: Editor @ 08/21/2014

One of the things we at Bitcoin Warrior love to do is to find businesses, on and off line, that take Bitcoin and talk with them about their experience. Of course, our basic reason to do this is that we just love talking about Bitcoin with people, experienced and new users alike, but we also like to find out why people are accepting Bitcoin, what their experience with it is, and what they have to say to others about it.

By publishing what these Bitcoin accepting businesses have to say, we are also hoping that business people who are thinking of accepting Bitcoin for their own sites will make their way to here and find out how easy and beneficial Bitcoin can really be. More than that, the more businesses that are known to accept Bitcoin, the more people will be wondering what it is and if it is something that they should look into. Bitcoin Accepted Here signs are gorilla advertising in action driving broad Bitcoin adoption.

We recently found Kinsta WordPress Hosting, which is a business dedicated to helping WordPress sites achieve faster load speeds, more consistent up-times, and greater security. Tom Zs�mb�rgi of Kinsta was kind enough to answer a few of our questions.

You folks run a WordPress hosting and support business. What got you interested in Bitcoin and what kind of response have you seen from accepting Bitcoin?

We’ve been keeping an eye on the spread of Bitcoin for a while and simply love the concept of cryptocurrencies. We believe there’s a big potential in Bitcoin and that it is still at an early phase. There are many developers among our clients who requested this payment option. We have had only positive feedback till now.

There is a lot of talk about the value that Bitcoin brings to merchants, but it’s kind of unclear. Do you think that you Bitcoin transactions really save you on credit card fees?

Definitely yes. Bitcoin transactions also come with fees, but compared to credit card and PayPal fees, these charges are insignificant.

Do you think you would ever give up your other pay options and go completely crypto?

We don’t see this coming in the next few years, but you never know how much Bitcoin might spread worldwide in the future.

Do you convert immediately for cash or do you keep any of your bitcoins? If you keep them, how do you keep them safe?

We usually keep half of our income in Bitcoin, and convert the other half for cash. We keep our bitcoins in the Coinbase Vault.

Some have complained about how difficult it is to account for Bitcoins when dealing with taxes. How are you dealing with taxes and any other regulations?

The same way as we do as with regular money.

Would you recommend other merchants to accept Bitcoin and if so, what advice would you give them to help them be more successful?

Yes, we’d absolutely suggest merchants accept Bitcoin. Besides offering another payment option to your clients, it also reflects that you and your business like to adopt new methods. Our advice for every merchant is to keep being up-to-date and not to be afraid of following new trends.

For your own business, you provide a WordPress hosting service. Of course WordPress is one of the most popular platforms � what problem do you folks solve and how?

WordPress has made bloggers’, designers’ and developers’ life a lot more easy, but there’s another side to the coin – we usually deal with many technical issues to optimize their sites, meaning that we make them more secure and faster. Our hosting environment optimized for WordPress helps us achieve this.�

WordPress is supposed to be easy to begin with. What value do you bring to having someone host their site with you?

Yes, that’s right. WordPress is easy to use even for beginners, and that’s why it’s so popular. Our clients can benefit a lot though, as we regularly handle WordPress maintenance tasks that are also necessary but require some technical skills. These maintenance tasks�include updating WordPress to the latest version, optimizing database, malware scanning etc. Besides, we make sure their site is always up and running and loads insanely quickly.

What are the most common mistakes you see people make with their WordPress sites?

One of the biggest mistakes in our opinion is that people usually forget to update WordPress, their themes and plugins on their site to the latest versions available. This makes their site vulnerable against attacks. Besides, they commonly use themes from shady sources just because they’re free, sometimes the developers of these themes don’t even provide proper updates compatible with the latest WordPress version. We also suggest to our clients not to use too many useless plugins.

Edited for clarity. You can visit Kinsta here.