Vermont Lanterns: Lighting the Way with Bitcoin

Vermont Lanterns accepts Bitcoin


Vermont Lanterns, an online retailer of exclusive solid brass Oil Lamps & Lanterns is now accepting Bitcoin payments!

One of the owners, Kirtan Carr said the company was excited to add Bitcoin payments for their products. �”Since we first started our online store in 1998, we’ve been utilizing technology to reach a global customer base. Bitcoin is a logical step in adapting to the next stages of e-commerce.”

“There are many reasons we are attracted to Bitcoin as merchants. First is the low or zero fees in accepting it, a big plus. Next is the security, reduced fraud, ease of use, the list goes on!�The technology is brilliant. We love what Bitcoin and the blockchain have to offer, and see a bright future for it. Beyond just the lower fees, the ideas behind it, decentralized, shared, global. They appeal to us on more than just a financial level.

Vermont is a little state, but famous for many firsts. It was its own country before it was a state, and had its own currency and constitution and postal service. They were the first �to outlaw slavery in their constitution for example among other things. We are one of the first business to accept Bitcoin in Vermont, definitely the first in our city, and in our industry!”

“For over 15 years we’ve had the privilege of providing quality brass Oil Lamps & Lanterns to our customers. Some folks are looking for alternative lighting for power outages and emergencies. Others love the classic look, and like the functionality and charm or ambient light. You can also find our lanterns in hundreds of restaurants and hotels from coast to coast, and in dozens of Film and TV productions over the years. Its always excited when I see some of our lanterns on the big screen! We are a family business, small in a sense, but big on selection and service of this unique product. We have the largest selection of solid brass lanterns available, over 100 oil burning and electric models, including many exclusives. and ship daily from our warehouse and showroom in Rutland VT.”

“We currently use Coinbase for our online wallet, and Bitpay for a merchant processor of Bitcoin payments. Coinbase could have worked for us for the merchant services as well, except they did not have a built in plugin for our version of Drupal 6, Bitpay did so we were able to get setup in a couple hours. Coinbase is a great exchange though, really easy to use. We actually plan on keeping Bitcoin sales in actual bitcoin. We want to be part of the community, and look forward to being able to use more practically as time goes on. I’ve already noticed much more stability in the price since more and more major retailers have been adopting it. And I predict that will continue, we will see more and more bigger names adopting Bitcoin in 2014.”

Vermont Lanterns


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