Announcing ZeroBlock for Android

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I have been using ZeroBlock’s real-time market data and news aggregator almost since I became serious about Bitcoin. It is the pretty much the first app I look at in the morning and the last app I look at night.

The top page of the app is displays the current price of Bitcoin from a selection of several of the top exchanges: Mt. Gox, BTC-E, Bitstamp, btcchina, and Coinbase. You can also toggle between a small number of currencies. The screen also gives a plethora of other useful information like the current hashrate, time until the next difficulty level, and Bitcoin’s current M1 Rank. At the time of this writing, Bitcoin is hovering around between Azerbaijan and Lithuania in terms of its currency ranking.

Swiping to the screen on the left shows a candle chart for the current price on Mt. Gox supplied by The app allows me to toggle EMA lines and period. It’s very useful for getting a sense of what is happening with the price of Bitcoin. A $1.99 donation helps support the app and enables green and red candle charts � a worthwhile investment.

Swiping up from the home screen reveals a calculator than can be toggled to input in currency or Bitcoin and then show the equivalent price according to the exchange you have selected on the home screen. I personally like to leave my current bitcoin holdings input so I can easily see what they are worth at the current market price. Swiping down from the home screen shows a price notification center. Using the handy sliders, you can set the app to give you a pop-up when the price rises above or falls below a certain point.

Finally, one of my favorite features of the app is the news aggregator. The app fetches news from a large range of mainstream media and Bitcoin focused websites. You can toggle these on and off individually so you get only the news that you want, or leave them on so you can see everything that is happening in the world of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Warrior is proud to be one of ZeroBlock’s contributors and we look forward to growing with them.

The ZeroBlock team have just announced that they are, at long last, releasing an Android app. Please visit their website and check it out!

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