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Advertise with Bitcoin

Advertise with Bitcoin


One of the advantages of accepting Bitcoin is that you have a built-in, highly enthusiastic customer base. Finding those customers, however, is another thing. Using Adsense, Facebook, and other advertisers will get your name out there, but it will be hit-or-miss whether those people will be interested in Bitcoin. Why not focus your efforts with Bitcoin specific advertisers. They tend to be cheap and effective.

If you run a blog or otherwise publish advertising, the returns from these networks tend to be higher than for Adsense or other advertising networks. Bitcoin Warrior is an affiliate for some of the networks listed below. If you plan on using one of them, please click on the links below. We greatly appreciate you support.


Anonymous Ads

With A-ADS, it is very easy to set up and fund ads. Advertisers are able to select regions and even which publishers they are going to reward for impressions. Bitcoin Warrior is a publisher and an advertiser with A-Ads and give it high marks. Read more …


One of the first and most famous Bitcoin adverting networks, CoinURL offers both banner and link advertising and a link shortening adverting method. Publishers can shorten links to popular, useful, or interesting content and then tweet it, put it on a form, etc. When someone clicks on the link, they are sent to a splash screen with your ad before being allowed to click through to the content.


In addition to advertising, you can list your business on one of the Bitcoin listing services. Most of these are still being built, but expect them to become bigger in the coming year or two.



Registering on CoinMap.org is a great way to let bitcoiners in your local area know about you.

Bitcoin Yellow Pages

These folks also have a good interface, and they have a good mobile experience, but also need more businesses to be registered before they will be really useful.


If you have a Bitcoin business and know of a great way to promote it, let us know so we can help build the Bitcoin economy.