Bitcoin Warrior Press Kit

Bitcoin Warrior is a growing Bitcoin education and promotion site. We aggregate cryptocurrency and economic news and opinion from around the world, and we currently have 10 independent authors contributing articles to us.

Bitcoin Warrior is currently averaging 2000-3000 unique visitors a day who visit 2.4 pages a visit, according to Google Analytics. As many people interested in Bitcoin are also interested and knowledgeable about privacy, they often have Java turned off, so our views may be substantially higher – according to Cloudflare, we have as many 5,000 – 10000 unique visitors a day.

All prices listed below must be paid in advance. Prices are quoted in USD. Payment can be made in BTC, ETH, or in USD via PaPal. We do not do revenue sharing or take ICO tokens currently. We will consider accepting other established cryptocurrencies that are supported by the Jaxx wallet.

Discounts can be negotiated for prepaid bulk purchases.

Banner Ads:

Note: All links in banner ads will be marked as ‘no-follow’ to protect our Google Rank.

  • 300×300/250 sidebar ads (top third of column): 150$ per month
  • 300×300/250 sidebar ads (bottom two thirds of column): 75$ per month
  • 728×90 / 468×60 Header Banner: $250 per month

Sponsored Posts:


What you get:

  • The article will be featured on our front page.
  • The article will be posted to all our social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • The article will be retweeted on a regular basis for 20 days.
  • We will lightly edit for spelling, punctuation, etc. if necessary.
  • The post will be hosted for at least one year (we have no policy or plans to remove posts)


  • the post must be at least 350 words
  • the article must be well written (coherent, paragraphed, few spelling or punctuation errors)
  • at least one image of at least 200×200 pixels

If an article needs more than light editing to bring it up to publication standards, we offer an editorial service. Fees vary depending on the length of the article and the depth of editing needed.

Original Articles:

From 100$ depending on length and amount of research required.

(Note: There is no discount option for writing services)

What you get:

  • An engaging, well-written article promoting your business, product or service.
  • 500+ words

** note that this fee is for writing the article and the advertiser will retain rights to it and may use it in whatever fashion they please. To also have it published on Bitcoin Warrior, the advertiser will also need to pay the 80$ sponsored post fee.


Product Reviews:

We are available to test out your product and write a review.

from 150$ – please be in touch and we can negotiate a reasonable price.

If we are reviewing a product that you supply and that is worth the value of of the review, we may elect to waive the fee.

What you get:

  • We will thoroughly test your product and write a fair review
  • The article will be featured on our front page.
  • The article will be posted to all our social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • The article will be retweeted on a regular basis for 20 days.

Example: //

Guest Posts


If you are active in Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies and have an opinion you’d like to share, please be in contact. We’d love to help you get your voice heard.

We have had lawyers, traders, CEOs of companies, and just enthusiasts contribute articles to us. If you have a business and are building a brand, contributing articles to is a great way to get your name and your expertise known.

Articles may no be promotional or advertorial, however, articles include an up-to 50-word author box or blurb where the writer is free to promote themselves or their business. Links are dofollow.

Regular contributors may be offered an author account at which will allow them to schedule and format their posts as they like. BitcoinWarrior reserves the right to remove posts of authors who violate our terms.


  • Articles must be at least 350+ words.
  • Articles must be on a topic of interest to or useful for the general cryptocurrency community. The articles may be economic, political, current events, or price prediction related. They do not need to specifically mention cryptocurrencies as long as the relevance is clear.
  • Articles must be very well written. Articles just written to create backlinks will not be published.
  • BitcoinWarrior may lightly edit articles at our discretion. Reasonable requests to alter articles after publication will be considered.
  • Articles will be placed in either the ‘Opinion’ (very top row of the front page) of ‘News’ (bottom third of the front page) of the site at our discretion. Authors wishing their posts to be placed in at the top of the site must include an image to be featured.
  • By submitting an image, the original author affirms that they have the right to use the picture and grant BitcoinWarrior the right to post it. In the event of a copyright dispute, by submitting the image the individual and/or organization who submits the article accepts total and sole responsibility for all charges, legal costs, penalties, and damages to our business and reputation that may be incurred.
  • Articles may include an Author Box or blurb of up to 50 words in which authors may promote themselves or their businesses within reason. Links will be dofollow, but any link leading to scam sites or malware infected sites will be removed without notice.
  • BitcoinWarrior does not claim copyright over articles and the original author may request that they be taken down at any time. We will comply as soon as we are able. Further, articles posted on do not need to be exclusive to our site. However, by submitting an article, the author affirms that they have the right to the content in whole and in part and grant us the right to publish. The original poster/organization accepts full responsibility for copyright infringement claims including all charges, legal expenses, penalties, and damages to our business.
  • In principle, articles published on are permanent, but articles may be removed in the future for any of a variety of reasons at our discretion.

Those who would like to contribute on a regular bases may be given an Author Account which will allow them to fully control their content, formatting, and publication scheduling. We highly recommend this option for those trying to build brand.

Bitcoin Warrior reserves the right not to publish any article without explanation.

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