Bitcoin’s Bearish Trends Emerge Despite Fierce $25K Bullish Buy-Up– Here’s The Next Level For BTC Price


Bitcoin Price Hit New ATH

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Bulls and bears are competing for dominance in the BTC market, with the price trajectory remaining unpredictable. Traders anticipate a rebound after a notable downturn, yet Bitcoin’s price remains confined within a specific bracket. Notably, even with a surge in buying interest around the $25,000 threshold recently, on-chain metrics are hinting at concerning bearish pressure for Bitcoin.

Investors Will Likely Harvest Profits

Bitcoin’s steady positioning near $26K for a week has raised eyebrows among investors, leading some to consider liquidating their assets due to the market’s bearish trajectory, potentially in a rush. Data sourced from CryptoQuant indicates a significant drop in Bitcoin’s MVRV ratio, plummeting from 1.44 on August 14th to 1.28 currently.

The “MVRV ratio” compares Bitcoin’s market cap to its “realized cap,” which values each coin at the price it last changed hands on the blockchain rather than its current spot price. When the MVRV ratio surpasses the value of one, it signifies that Bitcoin’s current market capitalization is greater than its realized cap.

This often tempts investors to sell and capitalize on these unrealized profits. Such a trend can be an early indication that the asset might be overvalued, and a market correction could be imminent.

The above graph states that even though the MVRV ratio is on a decline, it remains above the critical level of one. This suggests that Bitcoin’s market cap is declining due to the selling pressure in the market. If Bitcoin doesn’t experience a surge in buying interest, especially above the $25K mark, this could be a bearish signal for its near-term trajectory.

However, miners are ignoring Bitcoin’s latest dip as the number of mining participants continues to increase. Bitcoin mining difficulty rose by 6.17% last week, coinciding with heightened network activity. Data from indicates this is 2023’s sixth-largest surge, offering a positive outlook for Bitcoin’s price.

What’s Next For BTC Price?

Bitcoin has again triggered a consolidation around $26K following a sharp selloff toward $25,350 over the past few hours. Within this range, traders tend to purchase during the lows at support levels and offload near the peak resistance. The trading patterns in this range can be unpredictable and turbulent. As of writing, BTC price trades at $26,178, surging over 1.7% from yesterday’s rate.

The trend indicators, such as moving averages, are on a decline, and the RSI suggests an oversold market, pointing to a dominant bearish sentiment. While sellers might attempt to push the price below $25,000, the bulls are expected to put up a strong resistance.

Buyers will aim to initiate a rebound from $25.5K if the price declines from its current position. This recovery effort could gain a boost if it surpasses $27,472. Following this, the BTC price might approach the 100-day exponential moving average (EMA) at $28K, triggering another consolidation.