Bitcoin holds firm while smart contract cryptocurrencies fall deeper into the red

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City AM

By Darren Parkin Bitcoin continues to hold above $30,000 this morning after investors once again tested the $31k level. The market leader is more-or-less in the same spot as this time yesterday, trading down by 0.5% on the day. Ethereum’s Ether is a bit deeper in the red, dipping by 1.19% and trading around $1.8k. Many of the younger smart-contract cryptocurrencies are seeing sharper declines. UNI (Uniswap) is down around 4%, AVAX (Avalanche) fell by 4.5% and ADA (Cardano) dropped 2.6%. Yesterday’s Crypto AM DailyIn the MarketsThe Bitcoin Economy*Data can be found at https://terminal.bytetree….

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