The Rise of Bitcoin: A Look at How Cryptocurrency is Revolutionizing the Financial World


Did you know that the overall number of Bitcoin users in India is reportedly over 10 million and rising at a steady pace? It is going to become one independent fintech sphere in the coming years!

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This writing piece will attempt to clarify a few subjects that have received a lot of attention recently in the fintech development paced by cryptocurrencies; blockchain, the cutting-edge technology upon which these financial instruments are based; the use of crypto assets for transactions; and finally, the rise of crypto-assets as a separate asset group. Let’s get started without wasting any further time.

Blockchain Technology

A distributed database system called blockchain may be one of among the most revolutionary and pervasive inventions of the previous ten years. Blockchain is essentially an international network of users who share an encrypted digital ledger. An unchangeable transaction log is created when a transaction is carried out on a blockchain since it is broadcast to all network users.

Because it delivers a platform with increased transparency, enhanced safety, operating efficiency, and cost savings, this one single characteristic has the capacity and potential to completely transform financial services. This is an unmatched partnership for the next generation of the financial services industry platforms.

Digitized Transactions

Every day, financial institutions, e-wallets, insurance and investment companies, as well as several sectors of the financial industry, process billions of payments and transactions virtually. ‘Can cryptocurrencies be seen as a significant and widespread form of payment in the years to come?’ is a common query. In some regions of the world, this is actually the case.

The widespread use of crypto-currencies can revolutionize a society in countries with

less developed basic financial infrastructure by enabling cashless transactions and possibly encouraging people to save more money.

Scalability and the emergence of virtual fiat currencies are two problems that are likely to prevent a wider acceptance of cryptocurrencies for payment purposes. While acceptance is possible, it is now limited by its incapacity to grow exponentially. According to estimates, Bitcoin performs 4.6 payments per second on a typical basis, which is lower than Visa’s 1,700 transactions per second.

Crypto as a New Asset

A fresh generation of crypto-asset traders and shareholders is emerging due to significant societal variables like FOMO (fear of missing out), genuine interest, and speculative activity.

This level of instability is difficult for the typical investor to handle. Cryptocurrency’s quicker and more powerful return in 2020 demonstrated the level of robustness that more experienced investors were seeking. Investors who were patiently waiting to make investments will be closely monitoring how cryptocurrencies move in the future and the fluctuation that comes with it.

Despite their high fluctuation, cryptocurrencies serve as a hedge because of their minimal relationship with other assets. They trade as pro-cyclical threat-on assets and should be considered like every other commodity; but cannot be used as a replacement for gold.


An asset class genuinely in the aftermath of the pandemic, wherein ESG collaboration and climate danger are major concerns for financiers, mining must make the switch to more economical and sustainable fuel sources.

When it comes to comprehending crypto assets, we are just getting started. It is crucial for us to maintain a sense of curiosity as this asset class matures because it is a constantly changing environment. Protection for investors for those who engage in trading cryptocurrencies is currently limited, although law is developing in the direction of encouraging “good innovation”.



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