Bitcoin News Today : BTC Price Stumbles as Federal Reserve Policy Decision Looms 


Bitcoin Stumbles

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Bitcoin experienced a drop in value today as crypto traders watched with anticipation for the Federal Reserve’s next monetary policy decision, which is scheduled to be released tomorrow.

The price of one Bitcoin at this moment is $28,078, which is around a 1.62 percent decline.

Similarly, several other major cryptocurrencies have also experienced a decline.

The Federal Reserve’s monetary policy decisions are of greater significance to the crypto market, as they can affect investor sentiment and influence market trends.

The Federal Reserve is expected to increase borrowing costs by a quarter of a percentage point, which would be the 10th consecutive rate increase since March 2022.

The banking sector is experiencing turmoil, with the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the struggle of the First Republic, which was sold to JPMorgan Chase.

A statement regarding the update is expected to be released at 2 PM on Wednesday.

A news conference chaired by Chair of the Federal Reserve of the United States Jerome Powell is scheduled to be organised at 2:30 PM to explain the developments to the media.

Interestingly, in February, the statements made by Mr. Powell during his speech at the Economic Club of Washington, caused severe fluctuations in the crypto market, with a 0.66 % gain initially seen. Notably, as soon as the speech ended, the price of several popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum started to decline.