This is When Bitcoin (BTC) Price Will Hit $100K – Predicts Larry Lepard


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In this exclusive interview with Kitco News, renowned cryptocurrency investor Larry Lepard shares his insights on Bitcoin’s future and the potential impact of the end of the dollar era.

Read on to discover Lepard’s predictions for Bitcoin’s long-term growth and how it could potentially reach $10 million per coin.

Is this the start of a BTC’s Bull Run? 

Lepard predicts that the collapse of the US dollar within the next decade will significantly boost the price of Bitcoin. As people become more aware of the dollar’s depreciation, they’ll gravitate toward assets like Bitcoin, gold, and property.

Bitcoin’s limited supply of 21 million coins, as opposed to gold’s seemingly endless supply, is one key advantage it has over the precious metal. Lepard believes that this scarcity will be central to Bitcoin’s long-term price increase.

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He further elaborated on this, stating that if Bitcoin were to hit $100,000 tomorrow, there would not be any more of the asset created. As more people choose Bitcoin as a means of saving, Lepard believes the BTC price will continue to climb, potentially hitting $100,000, then $1 million, and eventually reaching an astounding $10 million per coin.

Potential Roadblocks to Bitcoin’s Success

While Lepard is confident in Bitcoin’s long-term success, he acknowledges that the journey will be volatile, with significant downturns along the way. Governments are potential roadblocks that may slow down Bitcoin’s progress by making it more challenging to enter and exit crypto markets and imposing higher capital gains taxes. Despite these challenges, Lepard believes that such actions would demonstrate Bitcoin’s lasting presence and solidify its position as the currency of the future.


Bitcoin’s recent surge has caught the attention of investors worldwide, and Lepard’s predictions for its future value are highly anticipated. While the road ahead may be bumpy, Bitcoin’s potential for growth amidst the decline of the dollar is an exciting prospect for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. As always, investors should proceed with caution and carefully consider the factors that may impact cryptocurrency prices.

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