Bitcoin May Crash To $15k To Form A Fresh Bottom Soon, Predicts Crypto Trader



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The turbulence in the banking industry has influenced the world of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin. While there was apprehension about the viability of digital currency, recent developments reveal a renewed sense of optimism among traders and analysts as Bitcoin rose to its highest value since June 2022. However, the question remains: is Bitcoin’s recent surge sustainable?

Some traders are bullish on Bitcoin, while others warn that the recent rally may be short-lived. Altcoin Sherpa, who trades pseudonymously, warns that Bitcoin could hit a new high of over $30,000 before tumbling by more than 50% to up to around $15,000.

However, his analysis is based on macroeconomic conditions, and he notes that if inflation is dying down and the Federal Reserve Bank wants a soft landing, Bitcoin may not dip as far as he predicts.

Despite Altcoin Sherpa’s warning, some traders remain bullish on Bitcoin, citing its growing institutional adoption and potential as a store of value. Others are more cautious, noting that Bitcoin’s volatility makes it difficult to predict its future price movements.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is worth $24,680, leaving traders to speculate on whether it has bottomed out or if there’s still more room for it to fall. It is important to keep an eye on market trends and make informed decisions based on research. While predictions are a good starting point for investors, the crypto market remains unpredictable, and investors should take them with a grain of salt.