Nearly $8.5M In Crypto Transferred To Alameda Wallet By One Of The Biggest Crypto Exchange


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The FTX collapse had a tremendous effect in the crypto space after which most of the cryptocurrencies tumbled down including crypto firms. This was the time when Bitcoin was pulled back hitting as low as $15,000 area along with other large cap cryptocurrencies. The investigation is still on where the founder Sam Bankman-Fried claims that he is not guilty.

Now with the latest updates, one of the blockchain security companies, PeckShield Alert has cautioned against spotting money transfers into Alameda connected wallet. As per the company’s Twitter post, there is a transfer of nearly $13 million to an unknown wallet that is connected with Alameda Research. Alameda Research is a trading platform that is associated with a bankrupted FTX exchange.

Alameda Research Wallet Receives $13M Crypto Funds

As per the Tweet, this $13 million transfers was made via three cryptocurrencies such as ETH, USDT and USDC. Among this, over 6 million worth of USDT and 1,545 Ethereum (accounting to $2.5 million) were moved from Bitfinex exchange. Further another 4.6 million USDC was sent from an unknown wallet that had an address ending with -0x7889.

However, PeckShield is still trying to figure out the anonymous sender of 4.6 million USDC and the reason behind Bitfinex moving nearly $8.5 million worth of Crypto. Moreover, another $65,000 worth of LDO token was transferred from another Alameda wallet to the consolidated wallet.

Meanwhile, United States District Judge Lewis Kaplan has asked Sam Bankman-Fried to reveal the names of his guarantors in his $250 million bail. As per the filings, Judge Kaplan has approved the joint petition filed by eight media firms that have asked to make the two people involved in the bail public. These eight media firms also include Reuters, Financial Times and Bloomberg.

As per the speculations, the two people involved in Sam Bankman-Fried’s $250 million bail includes Shark Tank’s O’Leary and American billionaire investor Bill Ackman. As per the Judge’s statement, SBF’s lawyers are supposed to give out the names by February 7, 2023.