Binance CEO CZ Warns of Rough Ride Ahead! What’s Next For Crypto Market?


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The leading cryptocurrencies have been demonstrating a strong trend as we woke up to another piece of good news about SBF being refused bail and required to be imprisoned until February of the next year.

The publication of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) statistics for the month of November may be credited for the unexpected spike in the price of cryptocurrencies. According to recent reports, the annual rate of the CPI has decreased to 7.1% from 7.7% in October. On the other hand, around 7.3% was projected to be the CPI reading for the month of November.

Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency platform in the world, has been having some difficulties as of late. Apparently, the exchange witnessed withdrawals of nearly $2 billion in the previous 24 hours, according to blockchain analytics company Nansen.

The amount of $1.9 billion is the greatest daily outflow since at least June and was responsible for the bulk of the $2.2 billion in Ethereum-based withdrawals that occurred over the course of the last week.

Binance lost $902 million on Monday due to withdrawals. The sudden withdrawal of capital by investors may be the result of government pressure on the exchange. A long-running criminal inquiry into Binance’s compliance with US anti-money laundering rules and penalties has been slowed by disagreements among prosecutors at the US Department of Justice.

What Does CZ Have To Say About It?

Changpeng Zhao, the Chief Executive Officer of Binance Holdings Ltd., issued a response in which he cautioned his team members to expect difficult months ahead and stated that the firm will overcome current challenges. In doing so, the cryptocurrency billionaire attempted to assuage concerns regarding the state of the company’s finances.

CZ said that the cryptocurrency sector is at a historic moment in a message that was given to employees. CZ also stated that Binance is in a good financial position and would survive any crypto winter.

In his words:

“While we expect the next several months to be bumpy, we will get past this challenging period – and we’ll be stronger for having been through it.”

Referring to the widespread exodus of investors, he noted that as a result of the recent collapse of FTX, his company has been subjected to a great deal of additional scrutiny and difficult inquiries.

There is no question that the failure of FTX has shaken the confidence of investors, which has driven some traders to seize control of their tokens and remove them from exchanges.

The failure of FTX has unquestionably resulted in a great deal of havoc across the sector. It was decided this morning not to grant the disgraced founder, SBF, bail, and it is obvious that this whole drama is the reason for the problems Binance is now experiencing.

Final Thoughts

The cryptocurrency industry may be in for additional difficulty as a result of this. All day, every day, people deposit and withdraw funds for a wide range of reasons. Binance has a debt-free capital structure and guarantees all user assets at a 1:1 ratio. Consequently, I believe the investors’ current stance is very reasonable.