Bitcoin To See Fresh Bear Market Lows In Q4 – BTC Price Predicted To Bottom At This Level



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Yesterday, when the US released its better-than-expected September job figures, the price of bitcoin experienced a rather unexpected decline.

With the exception of Ripple, the majority of altcoins are currently in the red. Popular cryptocurrency analyst Nicholas Merten said that as long as the U.S. the Federal Reserve maintains its hawkish stance, the price of Bitcoin could decrease.

The DataDash host cautioned the investors in a new video update that Bitcoin may see fresh bear market lows as long as the Federal Reserve keeps enforcing strict monetary rules.

He said that prior to that, the Federal Reserve was quantitatively easing and cutting interest rates. Currently, it is doing the opposite by tightening quantitatively.

Since interest rates began to decrease in the 1980s, it has increased interest rates at the fastest rate it has in recent years.

Additionally, the Fed is beginning to lower their balance sheet. They are beginning to, month by month, get into a pattern of reducing the amount of US Treasuries they are selling, and they will eventually start to possibly start selling mortgage-backed securities.

Which amounts to the money supply losing tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, of dollars. These assets are being sold by the Fed for less money, which is then lowered. It is derived from the available cash.

BTC Price to $12k?

Merten also predicts that there will likely be further selling pressure on Bitcoin until the Federal Reserve succeeds in containing inflation.

Bitcoin’s price may drop to as low as the $10,000 to $12,000 level, according to Merten, but at that point, he claims, a significant chance for BTC bulls arises.

“When we get that range, no one’s gonna want to buy Bitcoin. Everyone’s gonna think that crypto is going to zero. It’s over. It’s done. That’s the kind of range where I get really excited. The unexpected capitulation. That’s where you get generational buying opportunities when no one else is willing to pull the trigger, but you will