Terraform labs founder Do Kwon’s First Interview After the Meteoric fall


Do Kwon To Be Summoned

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The Terra network and its founder Do Kwon reached the pinnacle of the cryptocurrency market before collapsing within a short period of time in May 2022. The crypto market was significantly  impacted by the meltdown, and other financial markets were also affected.

Analysts in the sector believe that the market lost over $45 billion as a result of the fall, and more than three months later, the crypto market is still feeling the effects of the crash.The price of Luna Terra fell by nearly 80%, thus devaluing the coins.

Do Kwon, the creator of Terra Form Labs, breaks the interview’s ice and speaks for the first time in “Inside Crypto’s Largest Collapse,” a segment that has not yet been fully shown on Coinage Media and is hosted by Zack Guzman.

The founder  seemed to be feeling a little sad in the short, a one minute, 30 second movie that introduces what to expect when it airs fully. Because this is the first time most people have seen Do Kwon give a thorough interview since the crash, the interview is eagerly awaited by the cryptocurrency world.

Do Kwon: I make confident bets

He also noted that much emphasis was put on UST as an algorithmic stablecoin and said that cryptocurrency is kind of like a wild card. Additionally, it looks that the interview will include some Terra Form Labs personnel.

However, some individuals do not like the interviewer and have stated that a more respected interviewer should have accepted the job because the interview is likely a PR gimmick. Guzman denied that the interview was being paid for.

“I made confident bets and made confident statements on behalf of UST because I believed in its resilience and its value proposition. I’ve since lost these bets, but my actions 100% match my words. There is a difference between failing and running a fraud. Do Kwon said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.”