On-Chain Platform Glassnode Reveals Factors Behind Bitcoin’s Weakness



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Recently, the selling pressure in the crypto space has risen, which has halted the bull run across several assets, especially Bitcoin. In just seven days, the flagship currency has dropped by more than 12%. Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $21,203, with a plunge of 0.66% over the last 24hrs.

Meanwhile, the on-chain data platform, Glassnode, has disclosed reports that provide insight into the reason behind Bitcoin’s weakness.

Transaction Volume

As per Glassnode, retail investors have stayed away during the recent recovery rally of Bitcoin and the overall small transactions were below $10,000.

The data claims that when the flagship currency was trading around $24.4k, there was no improvement in retail investors’ transaction volume. This lack of demand from retail investors is a weakness.

Exchange Inflows vs Outflows

The analytic firm, Glassnode, then talks about USD entitled inflows and outflows at crypto exchanges where there is a repetitive behavior showcased by the Bitcoin price against USD.

The firm says that there are multi-year lows witnessed by exchange flows as the reading is similar to that of late 2020. This points toward a declining interest in Bitcoin.

Net Realized Profit/Loss

Next, the Glassnode report shows Net Realized Profit/Loss (90 DMA) and comments that in the ongoing bear market, sellers are still active and are yet to get tired.

If the previous bear cycles of 2018-19 are considered, the Net Realized Profit/Loss (90DMA) should find its reading around neutral to confirm a recovery phase.

Short-Term Holders

Glassnode concludes the survey with its analysis of short-term holders’ SOPR (90DMA). This SOPR is the ratio between investors’ selling price and buying price. Here the crucial market is 1, if the reading is above 1, then it suggests there is profitable spending.

As per November 2021’s reading during Bitcoin’s ATH, short-term holders (top buyers) incurred huge losses and this pulled down the Short-Term Holders SOPR (90DMA) below 1. The data claims that this is where a low conviction point emerges and a break-even cost of 1 will be the resistance.