Game Over For Celsius Network ! Bankruptcy Seems Imminent



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Celsius is presently investigating all possibilities to avoid insolvency, including consulting restructuring attorneys to address its financial issues. This also includes appointing Citigroup to assist with possible financial choices and suspending withdrawals and transfers on the platform.

Yet, many crypto professionals and research organizations feel that poor risk management, adverse market circumstances, and the stETH depeg will place Celsius in a tougher spot.

It appears that using its considerable stETH holdings as security to create liquidity is the only alternative.

Celsius Running out of options

Due to financial restrictions in these challenging market conditions, Celsius Network is now under pressure. Furthermore, according to Bloomberg today, the company lacks alternatives to avoid bankruptcy.

As per cryptocurrency research firm Kaiko, Lido’s stETH depeg from ETH, direct risks to Terra, and unfavorable market circumstances hampered Celsius. Celsius, a cryptocurrency lender, is one of the significant stETH holders on Lido.

The crypto lending company manages customers’ money as they are staked into stETH. According to Dune Analytics, Celsius owns about $500 million in stETH. However, it would be impractical to trade vast amounts in the open market to pay back withdrawals.

Celsius and Three Arrows Capital suffer liquidation threats as they unload stETH in smaller sums to control liquidity and debts. The sole alternative is using stETH or other holdings as collateral for an over-the-counter deal with a cryptocurrency exchange or professional trader.

Ben Armstrong, the creator of, is preparing a legal action lawsuit against Celsius. According to him, the restructuring attorneys recruited by Celsius mainly prep enterprises for bankruptcy. However, he has spoken to several lawyers who feel the chances of remaining solvent are minimal. As a result, Celsius’s only choice is bankruptcy, which would instantly halt any lawsuit against the company.

He claims that other individuals have contacted him asking to add them as complainants, but it is not feasible at this moment. In addition, he has recommended small investors with less than $10,000-$25,000 in Celsius file complaints in small claims court shortly before the company declares bankruptcy.