Ethereum’s Merger Testnet Upgrade Is Just Around The Corner! Ethereum Price To Hit $10k?



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The completion of the Ethereum Ropsten Merge testnet starts on June 8. Based on the Ethereum Triple Halving storyline, the completion of the merge upgrade to have a beneficial impact on the altcoin’s price and propel it to a $10,000 objective.

Ropsten Merger On June 2

At the recent ETH Shanghai Summit, Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, addressed the community that the Ropsten Merge testnet is the most important milestone for developers. The merger completion on June 2, 2022, will be critical in Ethereum’s shift from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake.

Colin Wu, a Chinese journalist, recently reported on the transfer of the execution layer from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake in a tweet.

According to Vance Spencer, co-founder of venture capital company Framework Ventures, the most significant event is generally Bitcoin halving. This reduces the quantity of Bitcoin by half. So the Ethereum supply is being bought down by 90% in a single transaction, for the time being.”

The Ethereum Merge will result in a 90% decrease in the supply of the cryptocurrency. A decrease in Ethereum’s circulating supply might cause a shortage, raising the price of the cryptocurrency.

Triple Halving To Ignite Price Rally

Nikhil Shamapant, a researcher, proposed the Ethereum Triple Halving hypothesis. If execution of EIP-1559, the burn protocol, and the transfer from PoW to PoS are positive, then a drop in Ethereum volume will see to that of three and a half Bitcoin halvings.

The Triple Halving and a slowdown in Ethereum’s issuance might help the currency reach its $10,000 objective, according to Shamapant’s story.

Ethereum Price To Hit $2,000 By Next 24hrs ?

Ethereum’s price has surged past $1,900, according to statistics from IntoTheBlock. The fact that the interest in Ethereum has risen to $9.37 billion implies that traders have initiated a large number of long positions.

As the merger approaches, traders appear to be positive Ethereum’s price surge

Ethereum’s price saw 60% drop, lower than its all-time high. Along with this the network’s daily active addresses and transactions have been consistent since November 2021. Proponents see this as a positive indication for Ethereum.

However, the Ethereum price chart was surveyed by crypto expert, @rektcapital. He remarked that altcoin’s bounce from significant support is unsurprising. The price of Ethereum might continue to rise from its present level and touch $2,269, turning it into fresh resistance.