Bitcoin Price Analysis: Right Time To Buy BTC For Short-Term Profits, Here’s The Trade Setup


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In the Daily period, the Bitcoin price is now fluctuating near crucial support. This $28,835 support is critical for the bulls since it has functioned as a strong backing for the previous two years, keeping Bitcoin prices high.

Currently, the BTC price is challenging this critical level once more. This phase of testing has resulted in a fluctuating market in the short term, as well as a specific pattern that we may profit from.

When we look at the 4-hour timeframe, it’s visible that an Ascending Channel Pattern is now emerging. This Ascending Channel Structure gives us crucial levels to observe for support and resistance in the Bitcoin price.

Now let’s check out the key levels to watch during the short-term uptrend for Bitcoin price in the days to come.

Bitcoins Tests Ascending Channel Formation

As per the recent post of bitcoinsensus, Bitcoin is currently challenging the 4-hour Ascending Channel Pattern’s base support. In the days to follow, it is anticipated that the BTC price will hold the resistance and begin to rise higher.

This positive surge will certainly take us up higher off the Ascending Channel before losing steam and hitting strong resistance.

As long as the Bitcoin accumulation occurs in the longer timescale, we may hope to spot the price of Bitcoin replicating this pattern repeatedly.

In the 4-hour period, Bitcoin is now looking to trade within an ascending channel pattern. This trend was created as part of the Bitcoin price’s latest stabilization period in the Daily timeframe.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin price needs to maintain this range and move horizontally within this formation till the consolidation phase ends.

The objective is to profit from this short-term range when it approaches the Channel’s key resistance levels.