Bitcoin Approaching Mid-Term Halving, Here’s How BTC Price Will Perform



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At the moment, the crypto market is hit with a massive crisis. Hence, market participants are looking at macro-economic data such as Bitcoin halving phases and its influence on the crypto market rather than shorting and mid-term forecasts.

Traders using BTC halving as a market signal usually depend on the mid-halving. This can occasionally serve as a support for the flagship currency. It is seen that during the last cycle, there was a half-yearly bounce from the exponential support line. It purportedly corresponds with the 780th-880th day of the halving phase.

The study based on Bitcoin’s halving model is focused on the fundamental rule of supply and demand. The value of the block reward is a device that may profoundly impact Bitcoin’s total supply growth since miners exert ongoing market pressure.

Bitcoin dropped across the same-day area in the last two consecutive halving cycles. This kind of formation is significantly more noticeable on the logarithmic chart.

Halving Effect On The Market To Continue

At the time of the 2021 bull run, several experts, like Willy Woo, predicted that halving may no longer have the same impact on the market as it had previously. His key argument was that institutional investment in the Bitcoin market would connect it to equities and make it less decentralized.

Still, the true origin of the stress on the cryptocurrency market should be analyzed because Bitcoin is now moving in parallel with the stock market, and the stock market has been plummeting due to unanticipated inflation statistics and the Fed’s hawkishness.

It’s just not the market’s macroeconomic pressures; Also, issues with Ethereum-based DeFi apps and services are driving increasing market fear.