Why are cryptocurrencies going to have a crucial role in the betting industry?


The fact that digital currencies are more popular now than ever before shouldn’t be surprising for anyone who follows this industry. Many online shops and even big retail stores in some countries allow people to buy different things using cryptocurrencies. Thanks to some websites that focus on betting reviews, we also know that many iGaming operators offer these options for online betting. In fact, places like betenemy.com and its articles shed light on the best online casinos and bookmakers in the business, as well as their payment section. Besides the deposit and withdrawal options, you can also check each operator’s sections and security features.

Everyone familiar with the iGaming industry knows its flaws. Although some companies manage to offer world-class services, they have all sorts of problems. Cryptocurrencies can’t resolve all of them, but there are a few things that they could do, so let’s check them out.

Digital currencies offer more diverse online payment options

There are a couple of important things you have to consider if you decide to use an online bookie or a casino. Naturally, one of the most important ones is the available payment options.

You may come across a site that provides more options, but in most cases, bookies and casinos will only focus on credit and debit cards. These payment solutions are popular in some countries, but they are not allowed in others.

Aside from the cards, some sites also rely on e-Wallets, especially options like Skrill and Neteller. These payment solutions are good, but since some bookies and casinos use special software for their promotions, users often have to choose something else to make a deposit.

This is where digital currencies come to play because they do not have those restrictions. Even though they are not perfect, they allow users to receive a given bonus or secure transfers.

Cryptocurrencies allow people in some countries to place bets without getting themselves in trouble

One of the things that everyone knows about the online betting industry is that it is regulated. Those lucky enough to live in countries where iGaming is legal can access numerous gambling operators. They can always go to places like Betenemy and find the most suitable bookie or casino for their needs. What’s more, they do not need to worry about making deposits and withdrawals, regardless of the option they’re using.

Sadly, the same can’t be said about those who live in places where online betting is heavily regulated. There are countries where the sites can operate once they obtain a license, but some jurisdictions do not allow any form of gambling, including online. Consequently, gamblers who live in such a place have to be innovative and develop new ideas.

Most people use VPNs and other software to hide their identities. Needless to say, almost all of them look for websites that offer digital currencies because these are the only options that can allow them to make payments.

If they attempt to use something else, the bank/e-Wallet will probably block the transfer. They might have even more problems in the long run because the bank will probably report them to the police.

Fortunately, digital currencies allow users to make anonymous deposits. Most sites provide Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and loads of other options. Therefore, people can use them and not worry about the risks that come along with using other online payment options.

Digital currencies will be used to create new games and offers

Some of the leading gambling websites in the world provide their clients with multiple games and promotions. However, people often get bored because they eventually try most of the things.

Luckily, many gambling sites already focus exclusively on cryptocurrencies. As a result, they often develop new games and special promotions for people who use these payment solutions. For example, you can expect to find unique slots or special kinds of reload bonuses that will require you to make a deposit in BTC.

These rewards can come in different forms, including free bets or even free spins.