The effect of cryptocurrencies on sports betting


Due to numerous changes in gambling laws worldwide, online bookmakers and casinos have never been as popular as today. There are countries in Europe where people can expect to find various betting sites, some of which also provide digital currencies. Speaking of the devil, you can check Efir Bet for further details on sports betting with crypto and find reviews of online betting operators. These articles contain all the needed information about the given brand and include promo codes, min/max deposits, security features, and more.

Digital currencies already have a positive impact on the sports betting industry and will probably continue to have a very important role in the future. Some of the top-tier betting operators utilize these options in numerous ways, so we will try to point out some of the most interesting things.

Many gambling brands use cryptocurrency to create new products

Even though digital currencies are more popular among online casinos, websites that offer sportsbooks can also give users access to plenty of exclusive options. Aside from promotions that require punters to make deposits using Bitcoin and Ethereum, some sites also create entirely new products based on these options.

While it is true that we are yet to see new sections that only accept crypto bets, some gambling sites have decided to provide unique features. The latter plays a vital role in the sports betting industry. In other words, the bookmakers that provide more features usually have more clients.

Speaking of options, some bookies are very innovative. In order to gain more crypto deposits and bets, they’ve created options like Bet Builder and Edit Bet. People who make a deposit and place a bet with their favorite digital currency may have the chance to combine special markets from the same event. What’s more, users can even change some of the parameters of their bets after placing them. This is possible thanks to the Edit Bet feature.

Aside from the features mentioned above, bookies also provide Live Streaming, Cash Out, and Live Betting. However, these options are usually accessible to every customer. This means it doesn’t matter whether the given player made a crypto deposit.

Many online bookmakers decided to change their Terms and Conditions

Before you decide which online bookmaker you want to use, you have to take a look at its terms and conditions. Even though sites like Efir Bet and its reviews will do that for you, those who don’t have access to those places will need to conduct their own research.

Every site has specific rules that you must follow to use it. For example, most places won’t allow you to open more than one account, and there is a minimum bet requirement you must follow if you want your bet to qualify.

While it is true that some crypto bookmakers also impose such restrictions, you can come across many sites where users are allowed to make a deposit with BTC, ETH, LTC, etc., and don’t need to worry about such restrictions.

The number of bookies that allow people to have two different accounts and bet on sports is not that high. However, you can stumble upon many betting platforms where crypto users don’t need to adhere to minimum bets and other restrictions. Once they’ve made a deposit using their favorite digital currency, they can wager as much money as they want.

One of the reasons why bookies remove the restrictions is because of each crypto’s value. As you know, those things change their price daily, so you need to keep an eye on them.


All in all, cryptocurrencies positively impact the sports betting industry. Those things help iGaming operators gain more users and provide them with unique options. With that being said, we are yet to see whether gambling brands will take full advantage of the technology behind digital currencies.