How to start investing in cryptocurrency: Simple instruction


Cryptocurrency quotes have declined, which could be a good time to buy. We tell you how to do it profitably and safely. Crypto with Blockster is an asset that can be invested and profited in a variety of ways, whether active or passive income. Let’s take a look at 10 ways to make money from crypto.

1. Buy it and hold it.

Buying cheap and selling high is a principle that can be used to invest in any capital. with which you buy any asset for investment and hold it until it has a value that you are satisfied with and sell it to make a profit in the market. It’s the same concept as investing in Crypto, but the question is, how much return do you need to be satisfied? Which depends on the risk that the individual will accept. So if you like this method, just buy and hold until you’re satisfied with the return and sell it.

2. Eat dividends

There are some types of cryptocurrencies that you can earn by holding them for a while. This is a relatively safe method known as staking which you can do by holding. Cryptocurrency (cryptocurrency) in the supported Wallet (cryptocurrency) for a period of time, you will get dividends. It’s similar to how you get dividends from stocks.

3. Arbitrage (Arbitrage)

It’s a quick and easy way to profit from investing in Cryptocurrency by buying coins that are cheaper in one market and selling them in another market for a higher price. Which is a method that can easily make a profit by. By the way, it is called arbitrage.

4. Invest in multiple coins

While Bitcoin (Bitcoin) is like a big brother in the industry. Still, there are other coins (Altcoin) that have their own approach, like Ethereum (Athereum) or Ripple (Ripple) that are worth trying in your Crypto (Crypto) Investment

5. Mining

Investing in mining hardware and software Cryptocurrency (cryptocurrency) can be heavy on your wallet. But it’s worth it if you want to profit from Crypto (crypto). The basis of mining is that you participate in creating transactions that will be saved on the Blockchain (blockchain) and get rewarded.

6. Graph reading

It might be difficult for newbies. But it’s worth learning to read charts and look for opportunities. It’s the nature of Crypto currency is volatile, versatile and its value fluctuates every day. This allows you to read the chart and find the correct entry and sell points.

7. Coins that are distributed (Airdrop)

Of course, we’re not talking about Snoop Dogg investing, but we’re talking about Airdrops, which are coins. A number of Cryptos (crypto) that will be given away for free. In general, the person giving away is a Startup (startup) with a project. It’s similar to the way a company launches a promotion for a new service or product. Which is interesting to watch, but be sure to watch out for Airdrop coins that come from Scams.

8. Fundraising Model (ICO)

You may have heard of what is known as an IPO in the business world, which is something similar in the Crypto industry but we will call it ICOs. It is undervalued or rated low and invests in it. You may find quality coins with lower Demand (Purchase Demand) than it should be.

9. Lending

Crypto (crypto) is gradually expanding its influence to the various financial systems of banks, which lending is one of the things that it can do. You can lend ant crypto like Bitcoin to other people and earn interest. Moreover, there are many scam lending platforms out there as well so you should check it out or your money might turn into someone’s travel money.

10. Gambling

Sometimes you may want to use gambling to increase your profits. Where you can go to Bitcoin casino (Bitcoin Casino) and roll the dice. Now there are online casinos where you can bet with Bitcoin (Bitcoin). If you are lucky, you may be able to make money easily. But if you’re unlucky, you might just run out. And this is the last thing we will mention.