Top Predictions for Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum (ETH) & Cardano (ADA) Price for the Upcoming Week!



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Bitcoin (BTC) Price

Bitcoin price is currently chopping in between very minor range which is a huge reduction in the volatility. And hence it appears that the star crypto is preparing to undergo a massive rally during the upcoming weekend. Moreover, the asset is also expected to revisit the lower support at $40,700 before a breakout. Additionally, a huge bullish divergence in the 4-hr chart points toward a thriving week ahead.

The popular Youtuber pointed out the bullish divergence as the RSI is raising high while the price remains consolidated heavily. Therefore, with a notable opportunity, the price is expected to rebound firmly and ignite a strong uptrend very soon. However, the upcoming weekend is expected to witness huge volatility irrespective of the direction of the price movement.

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Ethereum (ETH) Price

Ethereum price recently broke out from the rising wedge and slipped below the support levels but remained consolidated above $3200. Despite significant selling, volume is accumulated in the short-term, yet the price is expected to reject the bearish trend. The ETH price during the weekend is expected to slice through the consolidation and seal the levels above $3500. However, a popular analyst predicts the Ethereum price rally to smash $4423 by the end of April 2022.

As per the analyst, the ETH bulls still remain in control forming a sequence of higher highs and lows, indicating a bullish outlook. However, before a massive leg up beyond $4000, the analyst expects the asset to offer another buying opportunity below $3000. And hence the bulls need to wait and enter the trade at $2800 to $2900. And hence no doubt the ETH price may witness a drop in the upcoming weekend, yet the weekly trade may be thriving.

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Cardano (ADA) Price

In the larger time frame, no doubt the ADA price remains pretty uncertain, but in the hourly time frame, it’s pretty bullish. The price with a strong uptrend smashed the much-required resistance at $1.2 in the first few days of April. Further, the asset fell into a deep bearish well later that compelled the price to hit the levels close to the crucial support at $1.01. However, a strong rebound is on the verge to materialize that may uplift the price not only beyond $1.1 but also test $1.25.

The ADA price is swinging within a falling wedge which may drag the price to the lower support closer to $1 again. And with a breakout, the price is expected to test the initial resistance at $1.099 and continuing with the bullish momentum may test the crucial resistance at $1.25. Once the price stabilizes at these levels, then a strong uptrend may uplift the price towards a higher target around $1.5 later at $1.6 and at $1.8.

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