Top ETH Whales Are Buying These Altcoins As Crypto Market Plunge Hard



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Curve DAO (CRV) is basically a decentralized exchange and an automated market maker protocol. The Automated Market Maker (AMM) is used by Curve DAO in order to manage liquidity as it is designed to help in an easy swap between ERC 20 tokens, such as stable coins and Ethereum based tokens.

To vote on governance and claim protocol fee as a reward, the curve token can be locked for various periods of time, up to 4 years.

At the press time, CRV Price is trading at $2.55 with a plunge of 5.25% over the last 24hrs.

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Curve DAO, Among Top 10 Tokens Bought By ETH Whales

Curve DAO is now one of the most traded coins by the top 100 Ethereum whales in the last 24hrs. As per WhaleStates data, an ETH whale, known as “BlueWhale0088” has purchased $2.13 million worth of CRV tokens wherein the whales have accumulated 824,000 CRVs in just two transactions.

Previously, a crypto brokerage platform, BIGG Digital Assets Inc, has added 6 new tokens to their platform that also includes CRV.

As Bitcoin is currently down by 2% trading at $43,824, Ethereum and other altcoins have been pulled back too. As the Curve DAO fell by more than 5%, the CRV’s 24hr trading volume has surged by 2% trading at $250,556,631.

ETH Whales Also Accumulate APE, SPELL, And WOO Tokens.

Along with Curve DAO or CRV, the Ethereum whales have shown interest in some of the other coins too like APE, SPELL, WOO, and AAVE tokens over the last 24hrs.

WhaleStats report that another ETH whale named “Gwen” has now added $5.7 million worth of 10.1 million WOO tokens in the last 24hrs in just two transactions.

Meanwhile, an ETH whale with a name, “Bombur” has bought $3.83 million worth of 774 million Spell tokens in one transaction, and in another transaction, the whale bought $2.97 million worth of 270k APE coins.