Fantasy Digital – The New Adult Content DeFi Ecosystem Shaking Up the Adult Entertainment Industry


The adult content sharing space is a multibillion-dollar industry estimated at just under $13 billion. Fantasy Digital is set to take the booming industry by storm with its innovative DeFi ecosystem that allows fans to enjoy curated adult-themed experiences in mixed reality.

Fantasy Digital’s ecosystem is the first of its kind, combining blockchain and mixed reality (AR/VR) to provide fans with curated adult-oriented experiences. The nature of the ecosystem means that creators are free from the usual control and exploitation of traditional and adult online entertainment sites.

What Makes Fantasy Digital Different?

Users only have to purchase a unique collection of adult-themed digital collectible NFTs called StipNFTease to access exclusive mixed reality experiences and shows. This allows users to watch the hottest adult content from their favorite creator without the need for FIAT currency, providing complete anonymity.

The StipNFTease NFTs can only be used on the platform by holding FTXXX tokens – the primary utility asset for the platform. The NFTs are upgradable, meaning holders can level up their StripNFTease to earn Fantasy Rewards (P2E). In addition, upgrading your NFT allows you to unlock an extended version of the creator’s erotic show and access to exclusive physical/digital events and NFT drops.

The Fantasy Digital team will also launch FantasyFetishNFT – for fans looking for more specialized and customized content from their favorite creators.

Unlike the other platforms that take 20 to 40% of creators’ profits, Fantasy Digital creators can post and monetize unlimited NSFW content with the lowest fees in the industry of 5%.. Fantasy Digital’s mission is to allow creators to have a more equitable partnership in the ecosystem. As such, it incentivizes creators to participate in interactive mixed reality experiences to earn additional Participate to Earn Rewards.

Fantasy Digital also features real/virtual members-only events like club nights, hotel & cruise takeovers, and worldwide fan meetups that generate income for creators. Moreover, creators who invite other creators to produce content on the platform will receive monthly rewards via the Fantasy Rewards program.

Lastly, the exclusive fan-favorite voting system lets fans vote for their favorite StripNFTease creators, which provides another avenue for creators to earn. As the adoption of Fantasy Digital and the demand for $FTXXX tokens grows, so does the value of Fantasy rewards.

If you’re a content creator interested in making money and connecting with fans in a more personal and interactive way, move to Fantasy digital and create your profile.

FTXXX Token Sale is Live

Fantasy Digital is now recruiting content creators and users, along with whitelisting holders looking to buy its native token FTXXX before the boom. The public sale is currently until the end of April. Here are the details about the public sale.

  • The total amount of $FTXXX tokens to be sold is 65 million
  • The $FTXXX Price for public sale = 0.02 CAD per 1 $FTXXX
  • All tokens will be locked until the public sale finishes.
  • Refer other investors to buy $FTXXX tokens and receive a 5% bonus on your purchase.

To participate in the pre-sale, users must first choose a MATIC wallet address (Polygon). The next step is to finance your MetaMask wallet with ETH, MATIC, or USDT. You can then swap ETH or MATIC for the $FTXXX token. All $FTXXX tokens purchased during the public sale will only become available in the purchasers’ account after the sale ends.

Visit Fantasy Digital website to participate in the public sale:

Don’t forget to join the Fantasy Digital community to stay updated on the project.