Shiba Inu Whale Accumulation Decrease, SHIB Price May Drop 20% Soon



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The crypto market is witnessing brighter numbers, as investors and traders head on to their weekends. Wherefore, the market cap of the coin industry is presently up 4.2% over the day at $1.97 T. The spike in numbers is also evident with meme coin DOGE and SHIB, which are currently up 6.2% and 7% respectively.

Talking about meme coins, Shiba Inu continues to welcome whale accumulations. However, it does slide back to the third position, following its rise to the second place. Of the top 10 holdings of the 100 biggest ETH whales. On the contrary, whilst price metrics pick up the pace with the market. Shiba Inu falls in a number of metrics such as social volumes, contributors, bullish sentiments, volatility, and burn rate.

Are SHIB’s Analytics On A Free Fall?

According to Whalestats, SHIB is back to the top-10 holdings and most used smart contracts by 100 largest ETH whales. However, at the time of press, SHIB has taken a slide to third place. Behind the FTX token in second place, and ETH at the first.

Successively, the top 100 ETH whales hold a total of $1,279,594,890 SHIB. Which tallies to 14.47% of the whales portfolio. In a recent shopping spree, an ETH whale has made purchases accounting to over 271 B SHIB, worth over $6 Million.

Conversely, the total count of SHIB holders are on a downfall of-late. In a recent loss SHIB has parted ways with 30,000 holders in a single day. The numbers went down from 1,199,453 on the 16th of March to 1,166,621 on the 17th of March. Which was a notable 2.74% drop in a day.

More To Shiba Inu’s Down Side?

  Coming to burn activities of SHIB, the analytics firm Shibburn suggests that. A total of 180,744,627 SHIB were burnt in the last 24-hours, in seven transactions.  And that, 410,305,437,904,571 SHIB are burnt from the initial supply. However, the burn rate over the past 24-hours is down by 68.32%.

Learning from Lunar Crush, on a weekly time frame, Shiba Inu’s social volumes have seen a plunge of 9.1%. Alongside, social contributors taking a 7.7% fall, and bullish sentiments going down by 14.5%. However, social engagement is up by 12.2%, and social dominance is also up by 29.1%.

Conversely, the volatility of SHIB has been on a slide since the 8th of March. The numbers have taken a plunge from 1.37 on the 8th of March, to currently being at 0.81. The volatility has seen a fall of 6.26% in the past week, and a drop of 43.30% since the past month.


SHIB Price Projections!

SHIB price at the time of press is changing hands at $0.00002308, with gains of 7%. Whilst the market cap is hovering around $12,672,604,135. The volume of trades for around the clock is up by 48.14% at $844,408,819. SHIB price has been ranging in the 24-hour bandwidth from the lows of $0.00002171 to the highs of $0.00002341.

Summing up, whilst the soaring numbers have been pleasing to the eyes of the investors. The negative numbers around the said metrics do seem to be worrying. As the analytics could lead to a downfall, which could be the possible rationale behind whale buys. That said, it would be advisable to make calculative purchases.