Multi-currency Business Account with Online Bank, Genome


Online practices are spreading to all spheres of human life. Trade and education, business and communication are steadily moving to the digital world. One day, a businessman faces the question of whether to use the services of a traditional bank or switch to an online bank. Linked to many additional online services, the Genome account provides users with options that are unimaginable for traditional banking.

Conclusive Advantages of Online Bank

The digital space provides the online bank with numerous possibilities for an improved financial service. Open business account at the online bank for the financial well-being of your business. Based in Europe, the electronic money online platform Genome offers the most advanced services of digital banking. The advantages of an online bank are convincing:

·         Saving your time on easy access to your business account. You don’t need to search for the nearest subsidiary of the bank and spend your time waiting for you to be served. Nightmares, like those when you forget to bring some of the numerous documents, will not disturb you anymore.

·        The financial service you need will be provided any time of the day and week. The huge inconvenience of closing banks on weekends will also be a thing of the past.

·         A wide range of useful financial services will be available to you when you open business account: money transfers, cards, currency exchange, and in-depth analytics.

·         High level of security for all operations of an online bank. Systems of your funds’ protection are based on the most advanced protocols.

Open Business Account for Running Your Business Globally

Digital space stimulates businesses of all scales to run their activities in different regions of the world. Lack of boundaries enables numerous mutual connections between international business partners. Moreover, clients from all over the world may demand your products or services. To operate your business worldwide, you require a flexible financial institution. A Genome account will allow you to accept currencies from different countries and make transactions using the best payment systems.

Open business account if you want to attract foreign partners to cooperate. Thanks to multi-currency accounts, you will not demand to pay for your services or products in your currency from your international partners. Genome will be converting money for you automatically.

Multi-currency Account for Your International Cooperation

·         You can prefer to store your money in different currencies for dealing with domestic and international partners. Keep your money in USD, EUR, and GBP for the simplification of transactions with foreign partners and clients.

·         Genome gives a possibility to open up to five business accounts for every currency.

·         Open business account for easier and cheaper currency exchange. You can accept payments in 20 different world currencies. They will automatically convert to one of three currencies of your choice, namely, USD, EUR, or GBP.

·         The exchange fee for money transfers among your accounts is just 1%.

How to Open Business Account for Smooth Money Transfers

 Follow the clear and effortless procedure if you want to start managing your multi-currency account and receive money in twenty currencies:

 ·         Since Genome online bank is situated in Lithuania, Europe, you should open your account in EUR first. Accounts for USD and GBP will be started after that.

·         Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure demands to verify all customers of financial institutions. You can set up your EUR account only after this operation of identification.

·         After the registration and verification process, define preferred accounts. They will be accessible immediately.

Open Business Account to Jointly Manage the Funds of Your Company

You can share managing your accounts with other people, such as employees, business partners, or family members. You can determine the level of access to every other co-owner of your account. The effective online control of all transactions will guarantee the conscientious behavior of all persons having access to your business account. If you have doubts about the honesty of your co-managers, you can block access for any person instantly.

If you want to expand the reach of your business to new regions, open business account at an online bank. You will receive money in twenty currencies and won’t bother yourself with the problem of exchange. It will be conducted automatically with the lowest possible fee.

Dealing with your foreign partners and clients will be stressless, smooth, and promising. Genome opens new perspectives for your global business activity.