Embrace Your Inner Sloth with the Sloth Lounge NFTs


Sloths are undeniably one of the most relatable animals. They may appear to be lazy or unambitious as they move slow. However, the truth is, sloths are smart and mindful creatures that we have a lot to learn from.

Sloths know how to chill. Contemplative, relaxed, and focused. Their life motto is “relax, take it easy”. So, it only makes sense that the Sloth Lounge NFTs would help you embrace the take-it-slow life inspired by sloths.

The Sloth Lounge is a unique collection of 4,500 fun and super-chilled sloth NFTs, hand-drawn by an award-winning Australian artist. The team plans to donate 10% of the revenues to sloth conservation efforts and projects around the world. Each sloth is uniquely generated from over 100 different traits, and no two sloths are the same.

The NFTs will be minted on the Sloth Lounge website on November 10 and immediately made available for trading on OpenSea.

A simple yet super-fun concept for the NFT space

Every month, your Sloth Lounge NFT will give you a ticket to participate in the Slottery. The prizes could be ETH, premium NFTs, drops, mints, artist collaborations, grants, or any other fun idea the Sloth community comes up with. How about a Caribbean vacay or a spa week in Thailand? Part of the fun of being a Sloth Lounge holder lies in anticipating what the next Slottery event will be. 40% of the funds from the sale of the NFTs will be used to create these prizes and opportunities for all sloth-holders. And the team has big plans for the project’s future; merch, membership discounts, and more … so watch this space.

In addition to the Slottery, Sloth Lounge owners automatically enter the VIP Sloth Lounge. As the name suggests, this is a private community of sloth holders to swap stories, shoot the breeze, and hatch plans to unleash a wave of relaxation on the world. An exclusive members-only club offering lots of benefits and privileges including exclusive mints and airdrops, extra perks, and so much more.

The beginning

The idea of the project came from the founders’ experience with the Discord communities around NFT projects, which many of them found to be toxic and unhealthy. They decided to do things differently. The team has created a fun and inclusive project that allow the community to engage in the world of NFT’s in a friendly and uncomplicated way. Sloth Lounge is a fun, relaxed community – perfect for old hands and newbies to the NFT space. It offers lots of holder value through the Slottery events and a solid roadmap with more to come.

Since its launch in September 2021, the project has quickly grown to more than 5,900 Twitter followers and 2,500 discord members. The Sloth Lounge NFT drop is scheduled for November 10, 2021.

To learn more about the project, including how mint to Sloth Lounge NFTs, visit their website:https://theslothlounge.com/