CryptoGames Review: Top Bitcoin and Altcoin Casino


Nowadays, among the gamblers’ society, CryptoGames is widely recognized as an online casino that has enabled the use of many up-to-the-date cryptocurrencies. Although it hasn’t been that long since they have joined the gambling industry, within the past years it has picked up the pace in the competition. They have transformed themselves from being a small curacao-based online casino to now being the talk of the town.

What Makes CryptoGames Unique?

Behind the rising online casino is a team of knowledgeable professionals who believed in the promising future they saw for safe and profitable gambling with cryptocurrencies. They have put immense hard work, and constant brainstorming to build the casino’s system in and out. This is why the casino today, has rightfully stood in one of the top positions among online gambling platforms. Their creation of a top-notch user interface, speedy fund transaction system, and games complement all the rising cryptocurrencies that are available at the casino. Along with all these, their heavily shielded security protocols, referral or promotional events, monthly betting competitions, and extraordinary customer support attracts gamblers from almost all over the world. They have also created their very own “blog” and “forum” for the users where one can find strategies for the games, read about updates and other useful information. Through informative thread posts, articles, and open discussions the forum also helps newcomers to navigate their paths in the casino well.

PlayMoney and Faucet:

PlayMoney, CryptoGames’ innovative test currency that has enabled a free gambling experience for all the users. However, one must remember that as its name suggests, PlayMoney is only for testing out the games’ instructions or manuals. You can play the games without using your actual funds for as long as you want. You will earn PlayMoney rewards after each win. Although you cannot withdraw the test currency funds you can still use your own PlayMoney amount to test out various strategies completely on your own without risking any of your own coins. Users can claim unlimited Playmoney from the faucet. The faucet is undoubtedly one of the many features that make CryptoGames as unique as it is today. To earn a bigger amount of faucet rewards, a player’s account level needs to be high. To increase your player level, you must stay active around the casino and engage as much as you can.

Chat and socialize with other Players from all over the world:

CryptoGames’ live Chatbox feature has raised the casino’s entertainment value to a whole new scale. The Live Chatbox helps you to form friendly acquaintanceships with the other players on board. If you are a VIP member, you will have access to a special chat channels where users receive free vouchers from time to time. Apart from communication and safe socializing, the Chatbox has many functions that you can use to enhance your experience. For example, you can send appreciation gifts to other players, buy yourself a lottery ticket, or even tip one another.

Fair Gambling for Everyone  

CryptoGames believes in promoting transparency with the players seriously through provably fair policies. The casino is completely against the idea of hiding information from any player. This is why all the players’ winning statistics are always on display along with the bets’ results. Users can verify the results of all those bets whenever they want. The casino provides a detailed guide on how to use the provably fair system to check if the outcome of a bet was manipulated or not.

Play with 10 different crypto currencies

While others are still trying to figure out which currencies are going to be efficient for their casino, CryptoGames has already introduced and enabled most of the well-known cryptocurrencies on their website. Including the newest addition Solana, it offers 10 other cryptocurrencies that users can use to start playing:


Bitcoin Cash,


Ethereum Classic,






And Solana.

Play 9 Different Games:

Keeping all the latest trends around the internet gambling platforms, CryptoGames has chosen the following 9 games to feature in their casino.







Video Poker,


and Lottery.

All of them come with an extremely lightweight user interface and design which makes them equally and easily accessible for almost all kinds of devices.


The original Dice is famous among the players for how gracefully it has brought the essence of the classic dice game. To complete its objective, correctly predict your outcome. Since you have to roll over or under a specified number, you must choose your payout multiplier carefully. This will play a huge role in adjusting your win chances as well. Dice also comes with the “Auto-bet” feature where users can set a strategy and automatically place bets for them.


Fresh off the boat, DiceV2 is CryptoGames’ recent addition to the casino. It is gaining popularity for being one of the best renditions of the original Dice. It comes with a brand-new visual that includes a slider bar and a new design for the buttons. Much like Dice, the new version of DiceV2 comes with instructions for the game and a progressive jackpot. To win, all players must predict the outcome of their dice roll accurately so that the dice may land on the green zone of the bar. As you adjust your bet size, amount, and payout multiplier, your green zone will be adjusted. Then you have to choose whether to roll over the given number or roll under. If your dice lands on the green zone, you win, or else, roll again.

Conditions for Progressive Jackpot of Dice and DiceV2: 

· Result of your roll is any one of these two- 7.777 or 77.777

· You score a winning roll

· Both your bet and profit amount meet the minimum amount specified by the system

· The ending two digits of your Server seed and client seed return 77 in SHA512


Of the two well-known versions of Roulette (European and American), CryptoGames has curated a crypto version of the European variant for its players. Since the European variant offers a way better house edge than the American Variant, players can expect a profitable payout for their bets. By placing their bets on the betting mats, players also get to choose their neighbor bets around their selected range. One of the advantages of the game’s design is that the automatic system helps the players to set up chips on the neighbor bets. Players can choose to opt for this option at the “Neighbour Bets” tab. The four predefined setups are Neighbours of Zero, Orphans, Zero Game, and Third of the Wheel. Just like Dice and DiceV2, Roulette offers a chance to its progressive jackpots for every bet you place. By meeting the following conditions, you can easily win the jackpot and take home a bigger prize.

Conditions for winning Roulette’s progressive jackpot:

  • In 4 consecutive spins, (using one same cryptocurrency) roll a 7 in a row.
  • Make sure your wins reward you more than the amounts you have placed to bet.

Video Poker:

The variant at CryptoGames offers great sums for payout and high winning possibilities. The crypto version of Video Poker can be easily mastered if you have experience playing Poker. But if you do not have any experience with Poker before, it is completely fine. The casino’s in-depth explanation of the steps will guide you throughout the game and the possible strategies. To win, clear out the objective with a winning hand that consists of a combination of 5 cards. If your hand is made with a winning combination of five cards at the end of a round against the house dealer; your reward will depend on the payout table. You can also play three different versions of Video Poker at CryptoGames; Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, and Bonus Poker. While you are playing Video Poker, try to aim for the Royal Flush. Since you get the privilege to draw additional cards for both your hands (one time per hand), the odds of you hitting a royal flush comes up to 1:40,390 whereas the odds of you being dealt with a royal flush is up to 1:649,740.


Completely different from the original version, CryptoGames’ version has no flags or indicators for the mines. This means players need to clear their mission with utmost caution and luck. The mine field is made of 25 tiles (5×5). One of the cool points about CryptoGames’ version is that players are free to cash out and quit the game any time before they land on a mine. Meaning, if they are hesitant to turn another tile after clearing many, then they can choose to stop the mission and cash out whatever amount they have earned so far. However, if they land on a mine before they cash out their profits, then they will lose their entire bet amount.


If you tell us there’s something more satisfying than watching the reels of a Slot machine align to produce a winning combination then we will suggest you try out CryptoGames’ Slot. Often known as the top-rated beginner-friendly game, Slot doesn’t require any complex guidelines to master. Just by looking at the structure of the game a few times, you will be able to play it without any hesitation. The game has all kinds of guidelines you might need to get a better hold of the game. From a detailed list of instructions about the game to a guide to the winning combinations, all information regarding the 5-reel game is well-organized on its page. The payout of the game will depend on the winning combination you have earned at the end of the spin.


CryptoGames offers the most exclusive version of 21 to its players. Winning against the house dealer by beating all odds is the only way to win the game. While they are on their way to beating the hand of the dealer, they must remember that exceeding the sum 21 will result in a direct loss. If players score 21 points from the first two cards they have drawn, then the game will stop there and the winner will be declared. To make better hands or to not exceed 21, players can choose to Double Down, Surrender, or Split.


Television popular classic game of luck. Its popularity gradually rose to the point that casinos started to introduce it in their sets. And now, gracing CryptoGames with its classic aura, Plinko is now one of the coolest games for all intermediate-level players at the casino. Although it is popular for intermediate players, Plinko does come with super easy guidelines that any novice can master within a day. Plinko is played with one ball and a pegged pyramid. The ball can come in the following shades, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. Players choose how much they wish to bet and the color of the ball before the game starts. When their ball reaches a rewarding slot, they take home compensation based on the color of their ball and the slot.


There is no other straightforward game to test your luck in gambling than Lottery. At CryptoGames the captivating price amounts come in 4 different cryptocurrencies. Their version of the timeless Lottery offers ZERO house edge, meaning, you win it all if your lot gets drawn. This also means you do not have to pay anything to the host. Following the traditional concept, Lottery is played through buying tickets from the “Buy Tickets” tab. The chatbox commands also directly allow the players to purchase their tickets for the ongoing round. Although there is no fixed number of tickets as the maximum a player can buy, there is a fixed number of tickets for each ongoing round.

Play with reasonable House Edges: 

Apart from CryptoGames, you will barely find any other online crypto-based casinos where they offer low house edges for their games. This means, at this casino, you can easily score and take home a big profit on every win.

· Dice- has 1.0%.

. DiceV2 has a 1.0%

· Blackjack- has 1.25%.

· Lottery- has 0.0%

· Roulette- has 2.7%.

· Minesweeper- has 1%.

· Slot- has 1.97%.

· Video Poker – has 2.09%

Jacks or Better- has 2.11%.

Tens or Better- has 2.08%.

Bonus poker- has 2.09%.

· Plinko – has an average of 1.72%

Green ball- has 1.63%.

Red ball- ha 1.84%.

Blue ball- has 1.52%.

Yellow ball- has 1.56%.

Deposit or Withdraw Your funds in a Flash!

While some look for different flashy ways to impress their users, CryptoGames has decided to impress theirs by providing the smoothest fund transaction system for all their registered (fully) players. The transaction system can be easily accessible from all the devices you use to play their games. They have the latest updates for their system till today. Onramper, an efficient third-party aggregator system that enables credit card transactions for gambling at CryptoGames; ChangeNow, the latest example of innovative creation for both crypto and fiat currencies. This one is catching the attention of the players after it joined the casino with a hassle-free architecture. The system allows players using other cryptocurrencies, to convert theirs into CryptoGames’ list of currencies. There are more than 100 cryptocurrencies that you can convert from. This means, if you are a user of any X cryptocurrency that is not available at the casino then you can easily exchange it into one of the 10 cryptocurrencies listed at CryptoGames using ChangeNOW.

The “Deposit” function under the “Your Account” tab guides you to set up a deposit address. And for any withdrawal of your rewards, you must use a separate withdrawal address that you can set up on the “Withdraw” page. Alongside this, you will also be able to set up an “Emergency Withdrawal Address” for your funds. You can receive your rewards at this address in your absence. This means, if you are out of contact, the casino will deliver your rewards directly to the emergency address you have created.

Double the rewards and earn much more with the Monthly Contests:

CryptoGames carries out exciting monthly betting contests and promotional campaigns every week to keep up the thrill inside the casino. Their wagering contests are acting as a motivator for every player on board to participate alongside others. They form different strategies for themselves and some even share their takes on each game at the open discussion thread in the FORUM. Since the games are exhilarating to the core, their rewards of course, for the winners are of really high value. By winning the contests, you will not only enjoy a list of updated benefits but also enjoy the VIP membership tag.

Enjoy these VIP benefits

  • You can play Dice for 0.8% house edge.
  • If you are a VIP player then there will be no server delay during your game time. This advantage will stay for the entire month for all your bets. This means, it doesn’t matter how big or small your bet’s size is, you will be able to place and run bets using the highest speed.
  • As a VIP member, you will be able to have access to higher exchange limit on the built in-exchange
  • You will also get free access to the cool VIP chatroom where you can directly chat with the experts and the managers of CryptoGames.
  •  All other regular players will see your VIP tag beside your regular name tag.
  •  Every month, you will receive monthly vouchers through your email. The number of vouchers you receive per month will depend entirely on your winning position in the winners’ list. And if there are other players along with you in the winning positions, you will receive a reward for your highest position.

Experience Responsible and Exciting Gambling at CryptoGames

People don’t need rocket science to know that the internet is now filled with shady online casinos and a sea of lurking hackers who are waiting for an opportunity to get a hold of your precious crypto tokens. This is why finding a decent online casino that serves a crypto-based system is already so hard. And we can tell that with each passing day, it will get harder to find one that you can completely put your trust on. This is where you should make the best choice for yourself and give CryptoGames a shot. With their unbelievably thoughtful and realistic policies, you are always guaranteed to enjoy the most secure online gambling experience using any kind of smart device. After doing our homework on finding the best of the best for you, we can guarantee that CryptoGames will unfailingly provide the lowest house edges, profitable games, and the most protective financial security. You can be a part of CryptoGames’ journey of online domination with just a single click. So, why delay any further? Test your skills and limits by achieving more than other gamblers around the internet only at the most happening crypto casino of today.

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