Moments is Creating Exclusive Multiverse NFTs for Culture-Defining Icons


Moments surround us everywhere and are an inescapable fabric of almost everyday life. Some can be uplifting and iconic, like Michael Jordan’s Final Shot in a Bulls Uniform. Others may be intense, dramatic, and defining – think one of the most intense poker bluffs of all time between poker legends Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan.

Now a new project called Moments wants to preserve culture-defining moments on the blockchain in collaboration with current and past icons across sports, culture and entertainment – and let you own a piece through their multiverse digital collectibles.

Launched by Silicon Valley-based A5 Labs in 2021, Moments is a premium platform offering the first-of-its-kind exclusive three-dimensional NFTs from current and past icons across the world. These multiverse NFTs allow the participant to own a Moment and become part of the unique in-person and virtual experience associated with it. Fans can soon bid and buy their idol’s unique digital assets on Opensea or directly on the Moments marketplace.

“The key to the product is the idea of non-fungibility or digital scarcity and utility. Our platform curates and immortalizes culture’s most significant moments on the blockchain, therefore connecting celebrated Icons and their accomplishments with their passionate fans and collectors”, says Meysam Moradpour, General Manager of A5 Labs’ Innovation Lab. The official unveiling of the Moments brand is set on October 28th at an invite-only Halloween NFT party in glitzy Las Vegas.

(Location of Moments brand Launch Party on Oct 28th in Las Vegas, NV)

The Moments platform is the evolution of NFTs. Beyond the ownership of digital memorabilia, it connects the collector (Moment owner) with the Icon and offers once-in-the-lifetime experiences to become part of that special moment. Each Moment is unique, and only one NFT Moment is created for every historic moment. This gives owners exclusive ownership, ensuring that no one in the world can own the same Moment.

How Moments drops are Created

Every Moments drop is created by those who experienced it. Their very personal authentication is required for the
Moments certification, which ensures that every moment can be traced back to its source on the Ethereum blockchain.

For instance, Moments’ debut NFT features a collaboration with poker legend, Phil Ivey. “Phil Ivey’s unique NFT Moment offers collectors a truly innovative digital collectible that unlocks a multidimensional experience into his world”, says Meysam Moradpour. Not only will the winner of this NFT auction get to own a defining moment in the history of poker, but they will also jet off to Las Vegas to meet and play poker with Phil Ivey himself. In addition, they will receive a limited edition The Surgeon x Phil Ivey Hybrid Sneaker, tied to the poker bluff moment. This custom-made can be worn both in the metaverse like Decentraland and in real life.

How to participate in the upcoming Phil Ivey’s NFT auction

Phil Ivey’s Multiverse NFT will officially drop on October 28th with bidding options available on OpenSea or directly on the Moments marketplace. Bids on these platforms are automatically synced in real time. The Multiverse NFT is a collection of 3 separate NFTs and a special perk. To take part in the 72 hours auction, you will need to use Ether as the token and Ethereum as the blockchain. You can connect to the most popular and secure crypto wallets, such as Metamask and WalletConnect. If not, you can select any other digital wallets supported by OpenSea (for those bidding on OpenSea).

The highest bid wins and the winner will collect one of the world’s most curated NFTs, a defining moment in the history of poker.