AppleB Crazy Surge: The x10,000 Machine About to Take Over SHIB


The media have spotted AppleB, the would-be crypto giant following the tracks of SHIB and Dogecoin closely. As the first fruit token, it is believed to grow from a cheap altcoin to the world’s top crypto, stealing the thunder of animal meme coins.

Shiba Inu (SHIB), a cryptocurrency inspired by DOGE, surged 500% with a volume of $6.2B+. However, aside of hype and crazy buys, and it has no core products. The project website states that its purpose is to become the “DOGECOIN KILLER”. To draw attention to its huge supply, it touts users by telling they can hold “Billions or even Trillions” of tokens. It also announces a yet-to-be-launched DEX Shiba Swap.

AppleB starts out quite differently. AppleB is initiated by the “plant” community. Its goal is to build a virtuous ecosystem that discovers quality “plant” assets and builds a diverse decentralized trading network. As it is a decentralized and deflationary token, AppleB’s scarcity will increase over time.

Altcoins like SHIB are created easily and their profits far exceed those of meme coins like DOGE, not to mention “safer” venture capital bets like BTC or ETH. However, their downside is that they have no solid endorsement or effective use cases.

Unlike that, the vision of AppleB is to redefine the deflationary community tokenomics and offer the next “This Changes Everything” type of thing, just like the iPhone redefined mobile phones.

Thus, we think that the plant token AppleB will be the next big opportunity. Jason Palmer believes that investment in fruit coins is worth it because this may be the next big thing.




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