Coinzomize is a must-have tool for Bitcoin Holders


Bitcoin conquered many people since its first appearance because it offers the financial security everyone has wanted for years.

However, you may want to know that Bitcoin does not give you full privacy, although it offers P2P transactions and security against cybercriminals.

All the transactions made with Bitcoin are listed on the blockchain, open to anyone. So you can be easily tracked by the governments, marketing firms, etc. 

At least until the Bitcoin mixer Coinomize came to play.

So what does Coinomize do?

Coinomize mixes your coins with those of other users in a pool so that third parties cannot track your transactions. Nobody can tell who was involved in the trade because it will take too much time to get to the source of thousands of transactions.

But there’s more.

Coinomize eliminates all user-related data records within 72 hours after your start-process so that your financial data is further protected. In addition, you can delete them faster –  manually.

Is the software affordable for everyone?

The cost of Coinomize is minimal. Depending on the mixing power you choose and the transfer time delay, you’ll pay between 1% to 5% of your signed assets as a fee. Even better, the miner fee is just 0.0003 BTC.

With a transfer time of 72h and just a 5% fee, for example, you will be able to achieve the maximum strength. Of course, you can adjust the sliders and find the ideal mix for you.

What do you have to do?

Nothing complicated; the process has only three steps:

  1. You deposit some Bitcoins in Coinomize’s pool;
  2. You wait for the software to mix your bitcoin with thousands of other transactions;
  3. You get back fresh new Bitcoins, impossible to be tracked.

This is particularly useful for those residing in a place that bans Bitcoin transactions. 

Nobody will ever find that you have entered the crypto journey, so you can be considered fully protected by malicious actors and more.

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