How do crypto influencers make money?

crypto influencers

With the new tendencies showing up in the internet society, influencers have become one of the most popular professions and things to do in the new decade. The online industries have exceeded our expectations and while everything develops at the speed of digital, it should be mentioned that the online industry also needs some strong niche holders.

The influencers are those people who keep our news feeds always dynamic and colorful. Those people work to make content interesting and engaging. The Crypto influencers are and always will be an integral part of the Crypto industry, whether it be providing YouTube content, interviews, reviews, medium articles, and fundamental analytical content as well.

Though, while from one side those people tend to be important, it is interesting what the crypto industry generally thinks of them and how crypto influencers are recruited in their job. Is it all about releasing content, promoting one, or perhaps keeping big promises to the readers.

The opinion will always be divided on these matters and you can find passionate arguments on either side of the coin. Here, we will try to focus on both sides and disclose as many interesting facts about the sphere as possible. We can all start one by one, with the little details. The hashtags are the initial part of the influencer’s work. There is almost no chance that you see the post or the show, which is not accompanied by the hashtags as brands attempt to engage their customers on all other media channels being it Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Paid partnerships are the latest trend with the companies and different brands, who are in partnership with the influencers. The payment and honorary are based on the background of the influencer and the number of followers they have on their posts. The sponsorship also depends on the sphere of the influencer. There are influencers like Kylie Jenner, who receive up to one million per Instagram post. The crypto influencers surely do not receive as much, but their income can be a decent one.

Paid Partnerships

Not only in the crypto sphere, but in many other spheres as well, paid partnerships play one of the biggest roles in promoting the product. The partners, who pay for the promotion are usually the biggest brands on the market or can also be the kickstart, who need a big audience in a short time. The sponsors pay for the post or photo and make influencers talk about the product and the sponsor company as much positive as they can think of.

Sometimes paid partnerships are not really reliable, because the influencers might talk only about what is expected by the sponsor, and there might be a few truths in it. On the other hand, the paid partnership is one of the best ways to reach out to the niche society in the quickest possible way.

In the crypto sphere, the majority of the sponsors are crypto exchanges and crypto casinos. Based on the business model seen on, online crypto casinos invest a decent amount of money in paid partnerships with the crypto influencers. They find this way of promoting more effective and has almost instant engagement from the customers. Once a well-promoted slot game or any other online crypto casino service can bring a whole new wave of players, through Instagram or Twitter posts.


Project’s will often look to further their reach and drum up interest by being interviewed by large accounts that are then released on either Twitter or YouTube. Most projects don’t have a YouTube following and are around the 5–10k follower mark on Twitter so it makes sense that if they want to attract new interest an, often scripted, the interview is released via a large influencer account.

The changed version of the interview, which is now called live streaming helps to boost the number of followers as well. During the home sitting period especially, many influencers would make live streams and talk about their content or products. This was an especially handy time for many companies and services. The interviews online engage more people and not only make them like the post but also listen to the description. This is why many companies would invest more in online promotions during the past time.


An influencer and project will partner up in order to gain more interest and followers. The common practice for this is for the influencer to give away $100 or more worth of the token and the follower must follow, retweet, and tag three friends in order to be made eligible.

Cryptocurrency projects know their market. The Crypto community is thriving on social media mostly Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, and Discord. They know that it would be a waste of time, resources, and most importantly funds to try and target non-Crypto users using traditional display or video advertising.

The promotional methods mentioned above are highly effective in targeting the correct users across social media and traditional advertising brands would be ecstatic to find such a highly engaged and active community that is so easy and simple to target. Because of this, it makes complete sense for Crypto projects to employ these strategies.

Key Takeaways

No matter if you are a good influencer with millions of followers, or a beginner, who is on the way to gaining more attention, the main thing is to keep active. Once your activity is down, there are too many competitors to save you the spot. Someone will instantly occupy your spot.

Also, transparency is essential, and especially when the market is relatively less regulated, it is important for both the customer and the sponsor to see that everything you do is acceptable and is not based on tricking any of the above-mentioned parties. The less misleading you are, the bigger is your audience and the bigger are your funds.

Just like every other profession, crypto influencers require a lot of energy and constant movement, so don’t hesitate to follow them.