Why eSports players should be offered crypto sponsorships

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ESports has become very popular over the past years. With the increasing popularity, the number of sports teams and individual players has also increased. This is why the sponsorship demand has also increased. The approach towards the industry has also changed and improved and if previously esports was something people would call sitting in front of the screen for hours, now they address it as an industry.

Though, there still are some of the issues within the industry, which need to be addressed and need to be solved. The biggest problem is the financial side and sponsorship. With new teams and players constantly popping up in the market, the necessity for sponsorship increases proportionally. The number of sponsors increases, while the number of financial aid should be increasing proportionally, it is still a matter of a question for some, why they should keep financing the industry.

In reality, the answer is very simple. The eSport teams are just like any other team in the sports industry. Just like football and basketball teams have to be sponsored and provided with the infrastructure, the eSport teams need equal if not more support. The infrastructure in the eSPorts industry is constantly evolving and changing. The new gadgets, advanced tech materials are produced almost on the annual basis, and the professional teams always need to be up to date.


Just like in the traditional sports industry, the leaders and the most interesting sector in sponsoring such teams are mostly online gaming and betting platforms. This is very logical. The more they contribute to the development of the teams and individual players, the more people will place their bets on the teams, and the revenue of the betting operator increases proportionally.

With the increasing tendency of interest and development of the gaming industry, the crypto industry increases proportionally. And while the betting operators definitely contribute a lot in creating the competitive and equal gaming ecosystem of the industry, some of them offer incredible benefits in security and stability of the payment as well. Investment in eSports is hard without a uniform portal facilitating secure participation in eSports. Emerging blockchain-based eSports platforms evolve and offer new opportunities. Thus, the crypto betting operators can provide more competitive and upper scale sponsorships for the companies. You can always learn more from the Unikrn review, regarding the sponsorships and the benefits, which the eSport teams get from it.

Facing portals of

Though, with the sponsorships there come some issues which also need to be addressed in order to popularize the industry even more and to gain more attention from the eSport fans. Content producers need robust technology solutions to effectively monetize their content. Consumers often don’t like ads, and many of them use ad-blockers. That’s a challenge for eSports marketers.

eSports involves quite a few stakeholders, players, game developers, sponsors, media, advertisers, team managers, etc. They need a comprehensive platform. Blockchain can help here with a number of benefits, a blockchain-powered platform can bring these stakeholders under one roof, the decentralized platform can help the industry stakeholders to connect, amateurs in this space can take advantage of this platform and become professionals, stakeholders use the platform to manage the distribution of prize money, transfer of players, media rights, sponsorship, advertising, and several other aspects.

The transparency of blockchain enables everyone to see what’s happening on the network. Casual eSports players can feel confident. Game developers run a risk of not being paid for their development efforts. With blockchain, they can secure their work and not let anyone use it in an unauthorized manner. Smart contracts can act as agreements between game developers and organizers of tournaments. This will ensure that organizers first pay the game developers before using the game. The transparency of smart contracts can eliminate the concerns around the unfair distribution of the prize money.

The secure purchase system

As the cryptos are based on blockchain technology, this means that the tech and the benefits of the crypto are all connected with the blockchain. On one hand, this guarantees the security and the safety of every transaction, while on the other hand, it guarantees certain features, which may be the new level for the eSports industry.

We now have a growing number of eSports sites, eSports apps for mobile, and eSports web apps. Consequently, in-app purchases are also growing. Consumers need secure in-app purchases, and blockchain can facilitate these. The developers are the ones who played a major role here, creating a blockchain network and giving the customers the opportunity to sign up and sign their purchase. This is one of the best things in the app purchase/payment system.

More rights for players

The industry is evolving and technologies keep doing the same simultaneously. with tech development, some of the features grant new opportunities, while others announce new demands. Because of the money which is floating in the industry, the managers pressure players to lose games on purpose. It costs vast sums of money to set up tournaments, therefore, players have a high dependency on organizers and managers. Blockchain can give greater control to players.

It reduces the cost of running an eSports platform. This, in turn, reduces the cost of organizing tournaments and marketing them. Tournament organizers need to remain above board since blockchain transactions are transparent and agreements are open to all for viewing as smart contracts are open-source codes. Transparency always helps the marginalized stakeholders, therefore, players have better control thanks to blockchain.