Cybersecurity Tips: How to Stay Safe Working Remotely


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Has your kitchen table turned into your new desk and meeting space? If so, you’re not alone. This year has brought a lot of unprecedented changes to our work and home lives. One of the most notable transitions has been the upwards shift to remote work. 

While work from home privileges were already on the rise, the need for social distancing has made it more widespread. Companies now are deciding whether to get rid of their offices completely (especially since productivity during home office life hasn’t taken a hit). 

This new office setup does come with a slew of new security challenges for employers and workers, though. Sensitive information and data that used to stay within company walls has migrated to a house with other family members living inside. Further, cybersecurity attacks are on the rise by as much as 300% according to the FBI. 

Bad agents online are more than happy to take advantage of lax security. To keep you and your company’s information safe, practicing good digital hygiene is essential. 

Here are a few tips to prevent breaches:

  1. Only use company issued devices
  2. Change your password regularly 
  3. Don’t use public Wi-Fi
  4. Keep software updated 
  5. Set boundaries for meetings 

For even more tips for staying secure online and common cyberattacks to look out for, check out this infographic from The Zebra below.