How Businesses are Using Blockchain Technology


Businesses that are looking for ways to leverage technology for their growth should be looking at blockchain. As well as being the foundation for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it also offers a range of other uses that can enhance businesses in different ways. Several parts of your business can be transformed with the use of blockchain technology and the tools it can offer for growth. It can be used for everything from funding your business using crowdfunding/lending to smart contracts and supply chain management. These are some of the top ways businesses are using blockchain to develop and grow.

Blockchain and Its Link to Bitcoin

Bitcoin relies on the use of blockchain technology to keep it secure. Blockchain is a record-keeping technology that builds a continually growing list of records. It’s a chain of “blocks” of data that are stored in a public database. Bitcoin is built on this technology, using it to keep records of transactions, such as amounts, the date they occurred, and the time that they occurred. However, it’s not just Bitcoin that uses blockchain technology to provide solutions. The blockchain technology behind Bitcoin is also used in a variety of other ways to keep records of many different things.

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Digitizing Transactions

Of course, one way that businesses might use blockchain technology is through digitizing transactions. In their digital transformation definition, Intellectsoft uses blockchain technology and its use for facilitating transactions as a key example of how digital transformation technology can be used. Using blockchain to digitize transactions eliminates third parties and makes it easier for businesses and clients to work together. It reduces time and cost and helps to create a more secure ledger of transactions. Some businesses might choose to use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to improve the security of their financial transactions as a starting point.

Financing with Crowdlending

Crowdlending or peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is another way that businesses can make use of blockchain technology. In the past, most businesses would have sought a bank loan to help them expand. However, many businesses are now turning to alternative funding solutions. Crowdlending offers person to person lending so that banks and other traditional funding options aren’t required. Blockchain technology is used by some lending platforms to help simplify transactions and make them secure too. Lending companies can use smart contracts and other technology to make lending easier for companies. Small and medium businesses especially can find this useful.

Bookkeeping with Blockchain

Blockchain technology has been a benefit for the accounting industry. It provides solutions for bookkeeping by helping to create secure records. Accountants use double-entry accounting to make their accounts more reliable but may still need the help of audits when they need to share financial information with outside parties. However, with the use of blockchain technology, it’s possible to input transactions in a joint register. All entries are distributed and sealed cryptologically, which makes it practically impossible to remove records or conceal any activity. Transactions are digitally verified so that they don’t need to be manually verified, which takes extra time and money.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is a key area of any business to control smartly. With good oversight and control of the supply chain, businesses can improve productivity and more. Blockchain technology can help to improve supply chain management by helping to reduce delays and increase transparency. All data is easier to see, making it easy for different stakeholders to check the information that matters to them. Products can be tracked in real-time along the supply chain, making it more difficult for anything to be lost, delayed, or damaged. Blockchain technology offers scalability, security, and customization to help manage supply chains.

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Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are used in a number of situations to help businesses utilize blockchain technology. A smart contract is a computer protocol that digitally facilitates or verifies a contract. Using smart contracts cuts out middlemen, saving time, and also reducing conflicts and mistakes. They offer fast, affordable, and secure solutions that businesses can use to get things done. Smart contracts can be used to exchange different types of assets, including money, property, shares, or anything else that might need to be traded. These contracts define the rules around a transaction and also automatically enforce them.

Cloud Storage

Decentralized cloud storage solutions are being used by businesses too. The blockchain-based tools can be used in several ways. One way that cloud storage is being used is thought the sharing of extra storage space. Businesses and individuals that have storage space that they are not using can share it and host other people’s data. Blockchain technology helps to make this secure. Data is encrypted so that it’s safe to store on other people’s servers, and each user controls their own encryption keys so that the storage can’t be hacked.

Employee Payment

One of the ways blockchain technology can help with finances is through paying employees. Using cryptocurrency to pay employees is one way to make payments more secure. It can be especially important for international employees or contractors, helping to improve security and save costs too. It also improves transparency so that every part of the transaction is visible. There are payroll services available that deal entirely in Bitcoin, which help businesses save money by avoiding the need to pay international payment fees and other costs that may come from transferring money internationally.

Stakeholder Voting

Getting approval for business decisions from stakeholders can be time-consuming, especially when the process needs to be carried out in a fair way. Blockchain technology can be used to help with this process. It can offer a decentralized consensus model that is fast and efficient. Everyone involved is protected against regulatory interference, and transactions can be confirmed in seconds. All of the necessary elements can be tailored to meet the needs of the business and ensure that consensus can be gained on important issues faster and more securely than before.

Blockchain technology is helping businesses to do a variety of different things. It provides a range of benefits, including better security.