Things You Didn’t Know About Bitcoin


Bitcoin is an innovative online currency. Today, it is considered to be a revolution in the world of financial transactions. In spite of Bitcoin entering the life of people not so long ago, it is surrounded by so many interesting facts that any classic established currency would be jealous.

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So, here are the fun and exciting facts about the cryptocurrency:

1. Nobody knows for sure who created bitcoin

It is clear that most of the people believe the so-called official version, according to which Satoshi Nakamoto created the cryptocurrency. However, in reality, no one has seen this person. He did not give any official statements, did not let us know about his predictions of the cryptocurrency market, did not participate in any conferences. Therefore, no one knows for sure whether one person was engaged in this, or it was a whole group of specialists united by one pseudonym.

2. Hacking Bitcoin is impossible

Well, of course, purely technically, there is a probability of this, provided that several world-class specialists will be involved in this operation at once. But even in this case, most likely, they can only provoke a little discord in the work of the blockchain. They cannot break the complete payment system due to its decentralization.

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3. Very expensive pizza

The first transaction involving Bitcoin was conducted on May 22, 2010, when an IT specialist called Laszlo Haniec said he “successfully sold 10 000 bitcoins for pizza.” Today 10 000 bitcoins cost $82 848 364,55.

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4. Wealthy twins and smart teen

Other well-known cryptocurrency investors happen to be Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (twins with a Harvard education who sued Mark Zuckerberg. Their contention was that Facebook was based on their idea, and Mark had stolen it back in the day). In 2013, they invested $ 11 million in bitcoin and received about 1% of all the bitcoins in circulation. Another smart guy was Eric Finman. He invested $ 1,000 in bitcoin at the age of 14. Now, this guy is a millionaire.

To sum up

Thus, even though cryptocurrency is a relatively young phenomenon, there are already not so few interesting facts regarding it. Moreover, the experts say that Bitcoin will keep conquering the world and will generate even a larger amount of fascinating facts.