Decibet: A Cocktail of Crypto and Betting


Crypto and soccer betting have mixed, and the outcome is a platform by the name of Decibet. They provide football fanatics with a simple-to-use website for wagering on their favorite teams. They can use cryptocurrencies and are provided with high odds and low-cost payouts.

Users will be enthralled by the ease of use of the Decibet platform. The website’s layout has a left, right and middle section with various essential features.

To get any details on the day’s matches, bets, and cash, there are corresponding tabs in the middle of the website that you can click on and extract all details. For anything related to depositing and withdrawing your digital currencies, the cash section effectively serves that purpose.

On the left side of the platform, you will see a list of countries. If you click on any of those countries, you will be able to see the various matches being played and place your bet. At the top part of the extreme left side is a dropdown icon that enables you to select a language, from the available ones, that you prefer.

The right side enables you to update yourself on the teams you have selected. Any information on odds and payouts can be calculated from this part.

Over 20 Cryptocurrencies Accepted

Wagering on Decibet has never been this convenient with the array of cryptos accepted on the platform. You can bet using any of the following coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Namecoin, MaidSafeCoin, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Monero, Digibyte, Zcash, Ripple, Stratis, Syscoin, Lisk, PotCoin, Vertcoin, Gulden, Game Credits, and Blackcoin.

The diverse cryptocurrencies not only provide users with convenience but, generally, they have low costs of transacting, allow for anonymous transactions and their processing times are faster. Coins such as Monero, Zcash, and Dash let users make transactions on the platform that avert any tracing from anyone.

Bettors don’t have to be worried about any regulatory issues when using the Decibet platform because it uses cryptocurrencies. Therefore, irrespective of where you are, you can always bet.

Excellent Odds

The best way to reap from sports betting is through using a bookie that provides winning odds. Decibet recognizes that great punters are keen on finding bookies with the best odds in the market. That is why the Decibet team works using complex statistical tools to get the best odds possible.

The winning score helps bettors choose the match with the highest chances of winning.

Instantaneous Payouts

Decibet, unlike other betting companies, doesn’t have long procedures when a user wins on a bet. The company immediately disburses the payout to your account.

Assured User Privacy

The sign-up procedure for an account with Decibet is very simple. You don’t have to make a lot of personal disclosures and upload identification documents for you to sign up. You sign up for the account, and that’s it!

Inordinate Leagues and Matches

Soccer fanatics will be spoilt for choice by the number of matches on the Decibet platform. Users can bet on matches from different leagues in countries such as Chile, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Cyprus, Argentina, Mexico, Arab Emirates, Portugal, Colombia, Iran, China, Tunisia, England, Spain, Israel, Norway, Scotland, Qatar, France, Japan, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Finland, Croatia and other Asian, South African, South American, and European nations.

100% Bonus for Sign-Up

Decibet has an alluring way of welcoming new users to their platform. The moment you sign up, you immediately get a 100% bonus to the tune of 100 USD.

Seven Languages Available

The Decibet platform provides a great number of languages to cater to all its users. The languages you can use on the platform are English, Polish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.

Affiliate and Referral Programs Marketing

Decibet users can win additional rewards if they refer their friends to the platform. Affiliates can earn by using their affiliate system, which is through

Join Decibet to get the most of betting using your cryptocurrencies while you enjoy the fun of betting for your favorite teams – it’s available for worldwide users!