Brillouin Energy to bring Blockchain to the Energy Industry

Robert Godes: founder, president, and chief technology officer of Brillouin Energy

As a soon-to-be licenser of technological intellectual property relevant to LENR energy systems manufacturers, Brillouin Energy Corporation will be bringing IoT and Distributed Ledger technology (DLT) to the energy generation industry.

“Brillouin systems create heat at both residential and industrial grade levels using a patented LENR system design,” says Brillouin founder and president Robert Godes. “These systems are controlled by complex electronics that need only be slightly extended to allow for both historical and near-real time feedback data streams on their performance and metrics.”

Brillouin plans to implement DLT technology in every system to ensure that it is able to both gather and aggregate near-real time performance data on every energy system in production use, as well as be able to look at any individual energy system and gather meaningful metrics from that system for analysis and even troubleshooting. “It also is worth noting,” adds Godes, “that, with the exception of some edge cases, the majority of systems will have access to networking infrastructure, and Brillouin will endeavor to ensure that all systems (where possible) are network-connected at least periodically as part of the licensee and maintenance requirements.”

The company recently released a video on its vision for renewable energy and is conducting briefings with qualified investors.