Bitcoin of America Expansion to Las Vegas


Located within the state of Nevada, Las Vegas is among the cities in the world that have widely embraced the cryptocurrency market. Major Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin [BTC], Ripple [XRP}, and many others have so far turned out to be the among the world’s most important innovations. Las Vegas is one of the cities that have really helped drive the market forward.

With the rapidly growing industry, Bitcoin of America has not been left behind. –Considering the rapid expansions happening daily. The company has established itself in places such as Chicago, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Texas and Las Vegas.

Bitcoin of America is opening up more Bitcoin Automated Teller Machines [ATMs], also known as Bitcoin Teller Machines [BTMs]. These BTMs are used to buy and sell Bitcoin and other digital coins. They make buying and selling of cryptocurrencies easy and convenient for the users.

Customers can either use cash or the Bitcoin Wallet app to buy crypto coins without a bank account, wire transfer or a debit/credit card.

This is however not a first time experience with Bitcoin ATMs in Las Vegas. Bitcoin of America distinguishes itself from other exchanges by their extra emphasis placed on customer service. The company not only offers live and distinctive customer services, but also offers a really fast turnaround in the market.

In addition to these Bitcoin ATMs, Bitcoin of America recently began launching Bitcoin Tablets. Unlike BTMs which resemble the traditional ATMs in shape and size, Bitcoin Tablets are basically just tablets! These tablets;

  • Offer storeowners who are interested in providing a means for crypto-exchange in their stores without using a large section of their retail space for the BTMs.
  • Allow users to conveniently, securely and easily buy Bitcoin.

With all these expansions Bitcoin of America aims towards making the process of buying BTC easy. Bitcoin of America’s BTMs offer the easiest and most trusted way of buying and selling cryptocurrencies. All users have to do is find a BTM location that’s most suitable to them and they’ll be able to buy or sell BTC and other cryptocurrencies through Bitcoin of America.

How to use Bitcoin of America BTMs

As mentioned earlier, the process of using BTMs is simple easy and secure. –Especially after completing your initial setups, and have made a decision whether to sell or buy crypto. You must remember to carry your e-wallets.

When transacting for the first time, you will first scan your user identification for validation. After your initial purchase, you may be able to enter your mobile number and scan your Bitcoin Wallet. A Bitcoin wallet holds all your private keys that provide you with access to your digital account.

Next users will be required to feed money into the BTM and generate a QR code from their e-Wallets, after which they’ll use the QR code to send their purchased digital coins to their Bitcoin addresses and that’s it.

With these new expansions from Bitcoin of America and other meet-ups happening in Las Vegas, mass adoption of cryptocurrencies in the city will definitely take over. Seemingly, there are various reasons why cryptocurrencies and Las Vegas make a good match.

With these BTMs users in Las Vegas will not need bank accounts or ATM cards to access their coins. Also, traditional ATMs charge high transaction fees, in a Bitcoin kiosk, fees are only charged fees when they convert Bitcoin in fiat or vice versa. Lastly, multi-factor authentication eliminates the risk of fraud, users can therefore be confident with BTMs security.