7 Amazing Benefits of Cryptocurrency


Different questions have been raised in the past few years about cryptocurrencies. As these digital coins continue to draw the attention of large and small-scale investors, many individuals are still wondering the benefits of cryptocurrencies. At first, the business appears risky and scary before people later started developing trust in it. Today, those who invested in cryptocurrencies are thankful they did.

Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin, BCH, and Ripple are few of the most popular digital coins. Cryptocurrencies are a digital form of money that is universally accepted as a means of financial exchange. Unlike normal money, digital coins are not controlled by the government’s policies nor monitored by any physical bank.

How can cryptocurrency help you?

Millions of transactions have been made using cryptocurrency in the past few years. So, far, these coins are regarded as the easiest and safest way to make and receive payments. Wondering how you can benefit from these digital coins? See the benefits below.

Immediate settlement

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to make an instant or emergency financial settlement? Delays can occur and may also sustain extra costs if you use the normal banking transaction. In contrast, cryptocurrencies are designed and developed to eliminate any form of middleman or bank. Therefore, the transactions are instant!

Lower fees

Cryptocurrency transactions normally attract little or no transaction fee. The only fee is for verifying the transaction and it is usually minor and negligible. Users generally use the service of third-party developers like Coinbase for storing, receiving and processing their digital coins. These third-party agents provide web and mobile-based secured and encrypted system for safer transactions.

Identification of theft

Whenever you want to make a payment at an online or offline store, you need to supply your credit/debit card details. This can leave your details unsafe, insecure, and vulnerable to fraud or theft. Credit card system works on the “pull” system whereby the funds are withdrawn from your account. However, the digital coin system works on the “push” system whereby the account holder sends only the amount required to the recipient.

Open access

Cryptocurrency is open to everybody. Once you have a working internet connection, you can buy, sell, and transact digital coins without the interference of the government or any financial firm. Therefore, you and your biller do not need to carry files around banks before they send/receive payments.


There is no central authority when it comes to cryptocurrencies. The running and activities of digital coins are not determined, controlled, supervised, or overseen by any government of financial firm.


Digital coins are internationally recognized and their value is not determined by inflation. Therefore, you can use the coins to settle financial obligations globally without any hassle. Several companies, firms, and organizations are starting to accept digital coins as a means of payment. Even, you can now find many local stores who accept cryptocurrencies as well.


You can now make confidential donations and transactions using cryptocurrency. If you transact with digital coins, the recipient will only receive the coins and nothing more. By this, you can stay anonymous and fund those programs and services you ever wanted to sponsor anonymously.

Bottom line

Cryptocurrency has come to stay. Despite several attacks on the system, digital coins have remained firm and unmoved. There are many benefits of investing on and transacting using cryptocurrency. So, if you are contemplating why you should opt for digital coins, we hope this article will help.



Bill Adams has been into currency trading for over 5 years. After taking a short course about Forex and Cryptocurrency, he decided to put his knowledge to good use as a writer and trader at TenkoFX. His Educational background in Business Administration and Economics has given him a broad base from which to approach Forex and Cryptocurrency topics.